Italy is back

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From March 1 Italy it lifted the restrictions and it was possible to set up an express train route ( to know certain points of Tuscany; Ancient culture, flavors, art, architecture, beautiful landscapes and seeing tourism reborn, with face masks, but back! All this happened during the visit.


In the morning we leave Milan for Pisa. From the station it takes about 20 minutes on foot to the famous leaning tower – a condition it has had since its construction began, in the 12th century, and which is the bell tower of the Cathedral of Santa Mary of the Assumption-; On the way, we passed the statue of Galileo Galilei, a native of the city. We arrive in front of the imposing tower of more than 55 meters high, located in the Plaza del Duomo, which includes the cathedral -this one, free access- and the baptistery, this complex is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. .

One could spend hours admiring the site, but the afternoon is for Lucca, the feudal city whose walls date back to the 16th century. Low buildings painted in light yellow and cream tones, with doorways and remains of arched windows , many facades or parts of them in exposed brick that tell the century-old history of the city, cafes, bakeries where parts cost according to their weight, parked bicycles, this is the way before reaching the main square, Piazza Anfiteatro, whose circular shape is due to the fact that it was built over an amphitheater from the 2nd century AD and respected this design. There, the option of restaurants with outdoor tables is excellent.

– Train from Milan to Pisa, 4 hours. From Pisa to Lucca, 30 minutes. From Luca to Florence, 1h30.


Cradle of the Renaissance, home of Dante Alighieri and Michelangelo, the city has been described a thousand times as an open-air museum, and it really is. Two days are hardly enough to go around this beautiful city which seemed crowded with tourists. You have to take precautions: buy in advance the ticket for the Museo La Academia, if you want to see the real David by Michelangelo, because the one at the entrance to the Palazzo Vecchio is a replica, or for the Gallery Ufizzi, that it houses an important series of works of art. Visit Piazza del Duomo, with its imposing Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and its no less spectacular and innovative brick dome, the work of Filippo Brunelleschi; cross the Ponte Vecchio, once for fishermen and now home to jewellers, and climb up to Piazzale Michelangelo, from where you have the best view of Florence, crossed by the Arno River. Eating paninos and typical dishes in the central market is another task that must be done in this destination.

-Train Florence to Siena: 1.5 hours.


Most travelers say it: Siena is for a day, minimum. Its geography is typical of Tuscany: terracotta tiled roofs, buildings and houses in ocher, yellow, soft red colours, surrounded by valleys and hills. This generous view, 360 degrees, is from the viewpoint of the Torre de Mangia -for 10 euros-, which measures 102 meters. The authorized stay there is 15 minutes, you just have to be careful of the strong wind currents. The tower, together with the Palazzo Comunale, is located in the historic center, around Piazza del Campo, a medieval square with a shape similar to a shell, on the perimeter of which the traditional Palio Festival takes place, a horse race which dates back to As well as getting lost in the streets of Siena, it’s priceless to enter the Gothic-style Duomo or Siena Cathedral (built in 1255) and see its impressive black and white marble columns.

– Train from Siena to Milan, 4 hours.


– go to Italy you must complete the EU Digital Passenger format.

– Location form (dPLF). To enter museums, restaurants and any enclosed space, it is necessary to present a negative Covid-19 test or proof of vaccination at doses approved in the European Union: Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Modern.

– In all public transport, it is mandatory to wear the FFP2 mask, which is available on Amazon or they sell it there, even some airlines usually give you a pair.

– For more information, see: www.Italy.Article

Italy is back

If you are going to travel to Italy don’t forget to fill in the EU Digital Passenger format.

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