You can head to Dubai to learn more about bitcoin with this Binance competition

  • Ticket, hotel accommodation and free food are what Binance offers as prizes to the winners.

  • Participants will be able to learn from the professionals about trading, investing, NFT and metaverses.

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Being able to visit the city of Dubai to learn more about bitcoin, NFTs, and metaverses seems like an unattainable luxury. However, cryptocurrency exchange Binance wants to make this wish come true for three of its users. This is how the company promises in a press release, where it details that it will organize three contests to celebrate its next “Binance Blockchain Week” conference.

The event, which commemorates its 2022 edition, It will last three days and will be held in the luxurious city of the United Arab Emirates. The exact date of the meeting will be March 28-30 of the current year, and will bring together several experts from the cryptocurrency ecosystem to discuss the current and future of the industry. Among the topics to be discussed, investment in cryptocurrencies and their trading stand out, as well as blockchain, NFT and metaverse games.

Those wishing to attend will be able to purchase tickets for the event directly from the Binance website (when the launch becomes official). However, It is also possible to enter a series of contests that will give three people the chance to attend “Binance Blockchain Week” all expenses paid.

In this sense, the winners will receive a round-trip ticket in economy class, 7 days in a hotel selected by the company and 100 dollars per day to cover all catering costs. This money will be deposited in the company token (BNB) in the account of the winning users. The company will not be responsible for the cost of visa, swab test and transportation to the airport.

How do I get to Dubai?

One of the ways to earn this trip is to trade cryptocurrencies on the Binance platform. As detailed on its website, anyone who trades in the exchange’s spot market with any of the pairs listed by the company has the opportunity to be the winner of the trip if they fill out a form requesting it.


The winner of this category will be the person with the highest return on investment (ROI) in the cash market from February 11 to February 25 of that month.. Return on investment is a term used in the world of finance to refer to a measure that measures the growth of an investment over a given period of time. In the case of this competition, if you are a regular user of Binance and trade, you will have to be the person who generates the highest capital growth in the next few days with your investments.

Dubai is a city famous for its luxurious lifestyle, impressive architecture and technological development

Dubai is a city famous for its luxurious lifestyle, impressive architecture and technological development. Source: adobe.stock.

If trading isn’t your thing, but friends are, then the next modality will be your favorite to compete. The exchange agrees to pay seven days of stay in Dubai for the person who gets the most referrals for the platform. That is to say the user who manages to promote the service of the platform to his close entourage.


Among the rules of this competition, it is emphasized that Only the entrant with the highest number of actual referrals will be deemed the winner.. This means that people who join the platform through its promotion will need to register with Binance, complete the identity identification process, and deposit at least $15 in the app.

Finally, for those who are good at creating videos for Youtube and have a large number of subscribers, too they will be able to travel to Dubai with any payment if they make a video longer than 3 minutes promoting the use of the exchange. The winner will be the person with the most views on their video, who must have referral links and have the conference hashtag.

Among the requirements that applicants must meet, they must mainly be active and verified users of the platform. Also, residents of countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Uruguay, Chile, El Salvador, among others. All corporate accounts, or those managed by cryptocurrency brokers, are excluded.

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