it is the new tallest ferris wheel in the world

This Thursday it was officially inaugurated, but for months the silhouette of the Dubai Ferris Wheel, a gigantic structure that reaches 250 meters in height, has already been part of the landscape of a city that stands out for its skyscrapers. . When he went into a spin today at 1:30 p.m. for his first official trip with visitors on board, the Las Vegas High Roller (167.6 m) – so far the highest on the planet -, the Singapore Flyer (135 m), or the London Eye (135 m) have remained mere anecdotes.

The opening was surrounded by great anticipation – today is a public holiday in the emirate – and for days tickets for the opening day were sold out, as were those for Friday night, according to Ron Drake, facilities manager.

The gigantic structure reaches 250 meters in height

Dubai is the city of excesses par excellence, something that looks like a huge amusement park on a large scale. You just need to take a look at some of its monumental buildings. The most emblematic is undoubtedly the Khalifa Tower -known worldwide as the Burj Khalifa-, the colossal work of 828 meters high and 163 floors, which continues to hold the record for its height.

But the list of gigantic constructions is endless, with the Deep Dive Dubai, a city immersed in the deepest pool on Earth or, the Palm Fountain, which appears in the Guinness book as the largest fountain in the world, among the last novelties. Nor should we forget the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, the impressive 321-meter sail-shaped structure built on an artificial island south of the capital, surely the most famous seven-star hotel on the planet.

The views from Ain Dubai are spectacular


a gigantic structure

In the construction of the Ferris wheel, named after Ain Dubai, 11,200 tonnes of steel were used – 33% more than the amount of iron used in the Eiffel Tower – and the work lasted more than six years.


Dubai’s new Ferris wheel is made up of 48 cabins


The result is a gigantic observation wheel that is already part of the city’s landscape architecture. It is made up of 48 cabins with a capacity of 40 people each, which means that when fully operational, up to 1,750 people will be able to travel there simultaneously. For now, temporarily and as long as the restrictions imposed by the pandemic are maintained, the capacity will be smaller.

Ain Dubai is the new icon of Bluewaters Island, a man-made island located on the opposite shore of the famous Jumeirah Beach. It is surrounded by shopping malls, restaurants and luxury apartments and enjoys a privileged view of the Dubai skyline.

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After its inauguration, it will remain open to the public every day of the week, from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. For ten hours, it will offer radically different panoramic views of the coast -on a clear day, the views will reach the Persian Gulf-, the marina and the most emblematic buildings, depending on the moment chosen: Dubai in broad daylight or illuminated at night.

The structure will complete the rotation in approximately 38 minutes, and two consecutive series will be made, so the final duration of the trip will be 76 minutes with 360 degree views.

Ain Dubai is the new icon of Bluewaters Island

Ain Dubai is the new icon of Bluewaters Island

Tourism in Dubai

In addition to admiring spectacular views, visitors can opt for different experiences on board, from personalized dinners to private parties.

Prices range from 130 dirhams (30 euros) for trips in shared observation cabins, up to 4,700 dirhams (1,095 euros) for private cabins with VIP treatment, with many options in between with prices depending on the services . For weeks it has been possible to buy Ain Dubai tickets through its website.

Prices will range from €30 for trips in shared cabins, up to €1,095 for private cabins.

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