The controversy grows against the “white Ferraris” of Haas in Formula 1: “These things must be banned”

Kevin Magnussen in action with Haas in Australia. The Dane added Team USA’s 12 points (REUTERS/Martin Keep)

In the Formula 1 there are millions in dispute and the constructors’ world championship is in a tug of war for the profits the teams have at the end of the season. Behind the teams that fight for wins and championships are those that fight to finish as far as possible and complete a top ten, which are the positions that earn points, which equals a lot of money for the team. next year. Sometimes a team that is not at the top performing better can generate more mistrust when tied to the more powerful ones.

In 2020, the controversy was about the “Mercedes Rosas” which were the Racing Point (RP) whose resemblance to German cars caught the eye during pre-season testing in Barcelona, ​​where they set good times. The same at the start of this season which was in July due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Remember that the English team, now under the name of Aston Martin, German engines already used. After a complaint from Ferrari, Renault, McLaren and Williamsthe International Automobile Federation (FIA) conducted an investigation in which it was found that RP’s brake lines were the same as those used by Mercedes in 2019, they received a sanction with a removal of 15 points and 400 thousand euros fine.

This season the controversy is with Haas, who after being the worst team of 2020, came third after the first appointment, fifth after the second and are now seventh. The start he got has been a slap in the face for the rest ever since Kevin Magnussen he finished fifth at the start in Bahrain (10 units) and ninth at the last race in Australia (2).

The qualitative leap achieved by the American team has attracted attention because, in addition, this year its delicate financial situation has worsened since it has lost the budget of Dmitry Mazepinwho named one of his fertilizer companies as the team’s main sponsor so that his son Nikita the pleasure of racing in the Maxima. Both had to leave due to pressure from the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the inability of Russian drivers to race under their flag in FIA-sanctioned events.

With little money, but linked to Ferrari for the supply of engines, the question raised the alert in the rest, even more so in a season in which the house of Maranello has the best drivers in the category and level of Charles Leclerc, who has won two races and leads the championship. Even if the link between the Haas and the Scuderia goes further…

For now, Ferrari is the team to beat in F1.  Charles Leclerc (pictured) won two of the three races held (REUTERS/Loren Elliott)
For now, Ferrari is the team to beat in F1. Charles Leclerc (pictured) won two of the three races held (REUTERS/Loren Elliott)

The North American team has its central base in its country, in Kannapolis, North Carolina, the mecca of American motorsport, where the NASCAR Hall of Fame is also located. But Haas also has a European headquarters in Banbury, England and according to Motorsport media there is another subsidiary in Maranello.

Due to the economic crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, factories were forced to make budget cuts and this led to layoffs, which is why some former Ferrari mechanics joined Haas in a sector located in the same Scuderia factory in Maranell.

“I want everyone to understand that our position does not depend on the speed of our rivals, whether the Haas are fast or slow,” he said. Andreas Seidl, boss of McLaren, after the first three races of the season. The historic English team is fourth in the constructors’ championship.

“Our principles have not changed over the years. and we believe that no matter how many teams there are in Formula 1, be it 10, 11 or 12, they should all be the designers of their own cars. And this means that it is impossible to exchange information between several computers“, he added.

“You can use power units and gearboxes from other teams, but the infrastructure should never be sharedbecause as soon as two teams work under the same roof, the exchange of information is inevitable”, he specifies.

Haas has a subsidiary in the Maranello plant and has raised controversy over the
Haas has a subsidiary in the Maranello factory and raised the controversy over the “white Ferraris” (credit: Ferrari page in Spanish)

“The FIA ​​says it is difficult to control these things. So ok let’s ban it ’cause we can’t control it. First, the lower team has a great opportunity to achieve more positive results. And secondly, and more importantly for us, the front team also gains an advantage by working together ‘with their friends’,” he said.

“Fortunately, at the moment we have a dialogue between the teams, the FIA ​​and Formula 1. And I am convinced that in the years to come we will reach an agreement so that the situation improves”, concluded the McLaren manager.

Remember that Haas does not manufacture its cars either since they are made to order by Dallara, another historic Italian team that came to F1 and has always been a benchmark in the lower categories. For some years, Formula 2 (formerly GP2) and Formula 3 have been single brands for these Italian cars.

The last leaked benchmark of F1 teams’ earnings dates back to January 2021 with a survey of what they earned based on their performance in 2020, information revealed by Auto Motor and Sport. At that time, Ferrari was the biggest earner despite having its third worst season in 70 years. The Scuderia won 163 million dollars (150 million euros), including 16 for a historic attendance bonus. behind stood mercedeswith 157 million dollars (145 million euros). Haas finished ninth (out of ten) with $66 million (€61 million). Earnings are based on the team’s overall result for the entire year.

The controversy has only just begun as there are still 20 dates left in the season, which will begin its European tour next weekend with the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix in Imola, Italy. When F1 arrives in the Old World, teams usually release upgrades, although most upgrades don’t arrive in Spain until May 22. The truth is, there will be more chapters of the “white Ferrari” controversy.


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