The story of the Argentinian athlete who toured Europe living in a van: “I left to find my place in the world”

The Argentinian athlete who toured Europe living in a van

His days are very different from those he lived during his childhood in Hopethe city of Santa Fe in which he had surprised his neighbors with an innate talent for basketball.

His first contact with sport dates back to Almagroa club with top players that still maintains its aspirations anchored in fulfilling the dream of playing the National League. But one morning he got tired of Orange and began to look for new horizons. “I always did everything with a lot of passion, and when I felt that basketball no longer interested me, I left it. I was not happy at the time.” Fought Pilatti in dialogue with Infobae after participating in Run high peaksthe event that brings together the competitions Mountain bike, open water swimming Yes running through the mountains of Clavero mine.

His present has a direct relationship with the drastic decision he made during his adolescence. “I was running like crazy and friends encouraged me to sign up for a race. My initial idea was to enter this madness of traveling through Argentina. I always liked contact with nature, because I wanted to get rid of the chaos of the city, ”recalls the athlete in a soft and calm tone. For them 50,000 inhabitants that are in your Hope natal represent an intense rhythm that induces stress.

In case of Fought Pilatti it was no fluke. The one in Santa Fe was a causality caused by the common thread that you have with the mountains. “For two years I tried other sports until I knew the sport in depth. running. Although for 9 or 10 years old I went to the mountains and played like an Indian in the mountains, with this discipline I felt a special love for nature“, underlined the experienced athlete who, more than a decade ago, established himself as one of the best Argentine representatives with his marks.

These improvised beginnings during his backpacking stage formed the basis of an adventure that transcended borders. “For the past 3 years I was in Italy, because he wanted to apply for citizenship. There, I realized the freedoms I had in terms of where to live and where to run. It is a process that began in France when I participated in Mont Blanc trail. It was the first time I flew from Argentina, to a place where my language was not spoken. Yes I was bitten by the bug of traveling around Europe and knowing my roots“, he underlined.

Lucho Pilatti in action:
Lucho Pilatti in action: “I always try to improve my score”

As his ancestors were from the region of Lombardynear Lake Como, Pilatti He is dedicated to training to arrive in optimal conditions and meet new challenges in the 100 kilometers from the Pyreneesin Spain. “Those were months of many changes. In the head and in food. I think it was the best race of my life, because I did it in 13 hours. From there, I decided to improve my grades every month. Sometimes I am surprised by the ability to overcome that people have, and this is a message that I try to pass on to the youngest”.

Fought he never knew what his limits were. “After a two-month journey through Argentina A world that I did not know opened up to me. I’m out of my zone comfort and I was able to cross the barrier despite fears and doubts. I decided to keep improving my times and I came back to participate in the 170 kilometers of ultra trail of Mont Blanc (which includes a round of Swiss, Italy Yes France), where I found myself between Top 20 with 24 hour mark“, he underlined.

However, when the pandemic hit, he had to rethink his life. After suffering an accident during a race that forced him to retire and the imposition of quarantine were adversities he did not have in his plans. But far from giving up, the Argentinian was able to capitalize on these experiences with a fundamental lesson: “Despite the blows, you always have to get up and continue”.

“Although I analyzed the possibility of leaving everything, since I was a month and a half without training, I managed to recover and rethink the distances I want to do without destroying my body“says the experienced athlete. He understood that rise it was a necessity for take a break from the tough demands of high competition. “The same thing happens to footballers, given that after 30 or 35 years they feel exhausted. I try to take it as a hobbybecause after discussing the issue with a sports psychologist, my coach and my friends, I managed to accommodate my ideas,” he said.

For months the truck has been the Argentine's home
For months the truck has been the Argentine’s home

His greatest adventure was in Europe. Located in a mountainous region of Swiss, one morning, he realizes that he needs absolute independence to get around and buys a vehicle that he adapts to give it other uses. “I bought a Kangoo for 500 euros and started camping it. As he knew a little about mechanics, in the free time he had, he got his hands on it, ”he slipped.

At that time he already had a stable job in the Alpine country, but he wanted to continue to be connected to nature. “As I am 1.90 I thought it was for traveling alone. I moved the passenger seat forward and I assembled the bed frame using a few models that I looked up on the internet. In the back, I assembled a kitchen and drawers to store things. It was all very precarious, but very useful.

By the time he returned to the new normal, Fought He had already finished his mobile home. “Since I had also saved a lot, I went to see the Alps, but since the truck had no shower and I had 15 days of rain, I sent the mountain to shit and went to the sea“, he explained.

The Argentine athlete during his days in the improvised motorhome
The Argentine athlete during his days in the improvised motorhome

Without so many plans and with the desire to keep crossing borders, his next destination was Nice, France. In the Blue Coast he enjoys the beaches until one afternoon with friends he continues improvising. “They asked me what I was going to do and then I just took out the Google Maps and without thinking twice I told them I was going to southern Italy”.

It began as a journey without destinations and without time, the main objective of which was the search for a place in the world. It all ended with an adventure in solitude which helped me a lot to reflect. Same I disconnected from social networksbecause I wanted to build myself a personal guide for the future,” he confessed.

During this whole process, he encountered incredible places. He also associated with people who will be part of his life forever. But when asked if he remembers all the cities he’s been to, He doesn’t think he’s 100% confident that he’ll make the whole trip without a hitch. “I have the fondest memories of Cinque Terre, which are 5 picturesque towns that I have visited with paddle surfing while paddling in the open sea. The Amalfi Coast, Island of Capri Yes Naples These are spectacular places,” he said.

In the country you adopted Maradona like a God understood the hospitality that the Neapolitans have towards the Argentines because of their connection with the golden boy. “They are very hot and they are crazy. I just arrived the people there invited me to eat and have beers for telling them that I was from Diego’s place. They made me feel at home,” he explained.

He is currently one of the most recognized marathon runners in the Argentina. Although his commitments keep him in the country as the competitions of Cordoba Yes Patagoniayou still have your Kangoo recorded in Europe relive experiences Old continent. “My idea is traveling in May to measure myself against the best in the worldbut now i’m focused on the race Dawn Comechingonwhich is planned for July 9th and I will look the classification to represent our flag in the South American Championship or in the Thailand World Cup. And if that happens, I will stay in Southeast Asia looking for new adventures. You are probably already looking for prices for a new truck to repeat your story in more distant and exotic destinations.

In the future, he wants to repeat these adventures in Southeast Asia.
In the future, he wants to repeat these adventures in Southeast Asia.


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