The trip to Orlando will cost 139 thousand pesos: Abelina; present the program of activities

Mayor Abelina López Rodríguez during the press conference she offered yesterday to inform about her trip to the United States, where she will visit Orlando, Florida Photo: Government of Acapulco

Daniel Velasquez

Mayor Abelina López Rodríguez indicated that the trip she is taking today to the United States will cost 139,304 pesos and four people will go. This Sunday, he presented the agenda of the activities he will have during the tour. “I’m not going for a walk, I’m not a woman to walk around, I’m going to work.”
López Rodríguez will be absent from Acapulco during Easter Week, which runs from April 18 to 22, along with Councilman René Juárez Albarrán, Tourism Secretary David Abarca Rodríguez; the director of the Drinking Water and Wastewater Commission of the Municipality of Acapulco (CAPAMA), Arturo Latabán López, and the trade and tourism liaison officer, Manuel Ramos.
During the mayor’s absence, the secretary general, Irma Graciela Lee González, will be responsible for the government.
This Sunday, Mayor Abelina López hosted a press conference at the Old Municipal Palace, which sits behind the Zócalo, to talk about tourism and her trip to Orlando, Florida, USA.
In his speech, Abarca Rodríguez said that the visit to Florida, “we are not only going to go, as many say, to see Mickey (Mouse). It is not true, we are very busy” and presented the work program they have planned for this week.Among the activities scheduled are meetings with businessmen and authorities, such as the Mayor of Tampa Bay, Jane Castor.
This Sunday, the mayor said that on the trip to the United States she would spend 139,304 pesos, while last Monday she said she would spend 350,000 pesos. “I don’t know if there is pettiness from those who do not consider that Acapulco should be promoted, for 139 thousand pesos. We will sleep in the most austere hotels, three and a half stars, so as not to spend the money of the people of Acapulco. We go under this austerity, there is no fun, the time will come. Once I am no longer president, without having to undergo citizen scrutiny.”
On Monday, he will have meetings with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando; with Florida’s 48th Congressional District Representative Daisy Morales; with Orlando International Airport authorities, to seek connectivity between Orlando and Acapulco; meeting with Florida authorities and businessmen.
An agreement will be signed Tuesday between the Autonomous University of Guerrero (UAG) and the University of Central Florida. Visit to the Orlando wastewater treatment plant. Visit to a water conservation park. Interview on Mega News Orlando. Meeting with Orlando hoteliers.
On Wednesday, he will have talks with businessman Héctor Cruz, with whom he hopes to sign an agreement for the hiring of agricultural workers. You will visit Epcot Center. With the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando. Radio interview with Óscar Pineda. Meeting with the Tampa Bay Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
On Thursday, she will have meetings with the Tampa Bay Tourist Board, then she will participate as a special guest at Caibbean Day. Meeting with the Tampa Bay Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Honor reception at the World Trade Center. Meeting with authorities at the Tampa Bay airport.
On Friday, he meets with Tampa Bay Mayor Jane Castor to discuss Tampa’s twinning with Acapulco. Later, he will meet the businessman of Guerrero origin, Alex Honorato, who lives in Miami and owns the chain of bakeries and restaurants La Mexicana, an activity with which he concludes the visit to the United States.
During the conference, it was detailed that the entourage who goes to Orlando, leaves this Monday 18 at 1:10 am from Mexico City and arrives at 10:15 am, since the flight stops in Miami. The return will be on the 22nd, the estimated arrival will be at 8:30 p.m. on Friday.
The delegation will stay at the Ramada by Wyndham Suites hotel at the Orlando airport in a standard room with breakfast.
Abarca Rodríguez explained that the meetings with the authorities of the Orlando and Tampa Bay airports aim to promote Acapulco, as a connection point for airlines, as well as to expose the investment opportunities that Acapulco offers. The visit to Epcot, the Disney park, is preparatory because they want to schedule “the month of Acapulco in Orlando”.

cruise ships

Tourism Secretary David Abarca reported that due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, two cruise ships scheduled to arrive in Acapulco this month have canceled their arrival at the port.
For the rest of the year, six more cruises are scheduled, including one with more than 6,000 passengers and 3,000 crew. Abarca Rodríguez said that the cancellation of both is not due to Acapulco, but to war issues.
“For this month of April we have had three ships that have arrived, unfortunately, due to war problems, two of them will only arrive in Montevideo, Uruguay. From there they return for questions we all already know, what is happening from Russia against Ukraine.
The cruises that do not arrive in April are the Minerva, scheduled for the 12th, and the Spirit of Adventure, scheduled for the 24th. The only one that will arrive is the Seven Seas Mariner, the following 20th.
Those still scheduled are Golden Horizon, for August 19; Silver Wind on October 22, Norwegian Encore on November 2, Seven Seas Mariner on November 8, Norwegian Jewel on November 17 and Seven Seas Splendor on December 31.
The Tourism Secretary has estimated that the litmus test for Acapulco will come on November 2, with the arrival of the Norwegian cruise ship Encore, which will bring 6,000 passengers and 3,000 crew.

Holy Week

During the conference, David Abarca indicated that the estimated average hotel occupancy this season is 62.1%, with days like Friday and Saturday when occupancy reached 80%.
He pointed out that in 2021, the average hotel occupancy was 37.4%, which compared to this year represents an increase of 24.7%. The estimated economic benefit is one billion pesos, the average spending of vacationers will be 2,589 pesos, last year it was 1,790 pesos.
The secretary said tourism activity has been picking up, since the end of the holiday season, when 439,237 tourists were in Acapulco, and the second long weekend in March, for the anniversary of Benito Juarez.
From the first week of vacation, the director of the Center for Attention and Protection of Tourists of Acapulco (CAPTA), Alejandro Insunza Ramírez, reported that there was only one registration of a drowned person by background sea swell and three road accidents have because they are driving while intoxicated.


Abarca Rodríguez indicated that this year there will be 250 “high impact” tourist activities, in sectors such as sports, culture, congresses, concerts, cruises, festivals, ecotourism and filming. Some of the examples were the Mexican Tennis Open, the Banking Convention, the Mining Convention and the Acapulco stage of the Tour de France and the Tianguis Turístico, scheduled for May 21.
The secretary also indicated that a flight from Bogotá to Acapulco, with Avianca, has already been “talked about”; the only thing missing is approval from the Acapulco airport concessionaire.


Regarding the persistence of the problem of the accumulation of garbage, the mayor insisted that it is a cultural problem, because the neighbors “do not care” that the garbage truck has already passed and they go out garbage in the street “without conscience, with nothing and no government can do it. This love among all is necessary to continue to take care of Acapulco.
He argued that in the nearly seven months that his government has been in power, it has complied with public services, such as garbage collection and beach cleanliness. The mayor announced that this month will begin the rehabilitation activities of the Costera, for the Tianguis Turístico.

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