These are the new original productions that Netflix is ​​preparing in Brazil

Netflix kicked off 2022 with the announcement of new Brazilian productions in different formats and genres that will be released throughout the year. From the comedy of the Northeast, through the traditional music of sertão and the rap of São Paulo, to the vertiginous racetracks of Paraná, members from all over the country will be able to enjoy the new stories and characters of Brazil.

The first ad is the sequel to rich in love, directed by Bruno Garotti, co-screenwriter with Sylvio Gonçalves. The story takes us this time to northern Brazil, with Giovanna Lancellotti and Danilo Mesquita returning to play Paula and Teto. As she resumes her work as a volunteer doctor, he must forget his spoiled child ways and confront the interests of a powerful landowner. “The development process of rich in love 2 It was even more exciting, thanks to the privilege of working with professionals from the north of the country and all the talents that give the film personality and freshness,” says Garotti.

In addition, the platform presents a new comedy series with the participation, for the first time on Netflix, of digital content creator Ademara, and actress Mel Maia, who play two sisters who, after their video goes viral on internet, they will have learned to reconcile their real life with their notoriety on social networks.

Also in series, season 2 of invisible cityand the direction and production teams are shooting the sequel to this very Brazilian story in Belém (For), under the direction of general manager Luis Carone and assistant manager Graciela Guarani. “It is important to be able to recognize, value and respect what we have here in Brazil, not only through technique and production, but also with a coherent narrative that makes sense. What inspires the public? What makes us think? This is an extremely necessary dialogue,” says Graciela.

There are even more unforgettable stories and characters in future releases. The main cast of Maldives, composed of Liz Lobato (Bruna Marquezine), Kat (Carol Castro), Verônica (Natalia Klein), Raíssa (Sheron Menezzes) and Milene (Manu Gavassi), shows her talent in the condominium where Liz moves from Goiás to try to decipher the death from his mother. In this dramatic comedy, the tropical climate hides mysteries and intrigues, but also a good dose of irony and sarcasm. “Maldives It is a very particular universe, with condominiums in Barra da Tijuca. Its inhabitants do not have to go out: everything they need is there, they benefit from the conviviality of their community, there is nothing in the life of their cohabitants that they do not know, and they live with a false sense of security. But what happens when a crime is committed there? adds Natalia.

The platform also featured Olhar prying (Spanish title pending) Netflix’s new psychological thriller full of interesting twists. The story tells the story of Miranda (Débora Nascimento), an incorrigible voyeur and skilled hacker. His routine consists of spying through a window on the life of Cléo (Emanuelle Araújo), a luxury prostitute in the building opposite. One day, Cleo knocks on Miranda’s door asking her to take care of her dog while she’s away. That same day, the fate of the hacker changes forever when she meets the man of her dreams. However, like all good thrillers, nothing is as it seems.

In the new romantic drama Universe Repository (Spanish title pending), actress and singer Giulia Be plays Nina, a talented pianist who must overcome the difficulties of living with lupus, an autoimmune disease that can attack any part of the body, in her case , kidneys. The young woman forms an intense relationship with Gabriel (Henry Zaga), one of the doctors on the team treating her, who will help her overcome her insecurities while trying to perform on stage with a large orchestra from São Paulo. .

Just be for love (Spanish title pending), which was filmed in a relaxed atmosphere full of music, is inspired by the “sofrência sertaneja” to tell the love story of Deusa (Lucy Alves) and Tadeu (Felipe Bragança). “It’s a very special series, with different artists, with accents from all over Brazil,” explains actress and singer Lucy Alves. “When you see something as big as this being done on the ground, you identify a lot,” adds actress and singer Agnes Nunes.

From the interior of Brazil also comes O Cangaceiro do Futuro (Spanish title pending). In this comedy series, Virguley (Edmilson Filho) is a lazy, complicated, and unethical man who dreams of making his fortune before returning to the North East. One of his many jobs is to take advantage of his resemblance to the legendary bandit Lampião to appear in the squares of São Paulo. One day, after getting into another mess, he receives a blow that sends him back to 1927, in the middle of cangaço season, where the locals confuse him with the real Lampião. “Our story takes place in Catingueiras, a fictional town located in Quixadá, a place so beautiful that it is known as the Hollywood of Ceará. And, if we talk about the accent, we are in the Northeast, where a different language is spoken in each state. And all of them merged into the Northeast language, which is the only one in the series,” director Halder Gomes jokes.

Besides, it’s Marriage from a distance (Spanish title pending), with lead couple Eva (Dandara Mariana) and Alex (Dan Ferreira). In this new romantic comedy, Eva (Dandara Mariana) is a successful, determined and sensible leader. Alex (Dan Ferreira) is brilliant and inconstant, and dreams of creating video games. Their love for each other is true, but on the eve of their wedding, Alex struggles to make it to the ceremony on time. To meet at the altar, Eva and Alex must do the impossible. And they have yet to discover if they are really made for each other.

In terms of documentaries, the novelties come from the streets of the outskirts of São Paulo, where Rational MCs he founded the most important rap movement in the country. The documentary on the legendary group, directed by Juliana Vicente, will feature interviews and exclusive footage obtained during their career of more than 30 years, in addition to recognizing the influence and the legacy that these musicians have left since their appearance in the metropolis.

All of these exciting stories, told by great Brazilian talent and voices, come to life in the country’s rich and diverse culture, which is also reflected in Netflix’s first action movie made in Brazil, Maximum Load (Spanish title pending) , the comedy special Rodrigo Sant’Anna: Cheguei and season 2 of the series Good morning, Verônica and Brotherhood.

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