travel festival in Cannes

The International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) celebrated its 20th anniversary in December with a show on the Côte d’Azur. Despite the uncertainty caused by the new variant of the already well-known virus, many guests were there to model the future of luxury travel together.

This fair marks a moment of hope in the resumption of tourism. With more than 1,300 luxury service providers from 73 countries and travel buyers from all over the world, it was carried out with all the protocols so that participants felt safe and could reconnect after almost two years without seeing each other.

“We are very proud of the role played by ILTM 2021, a much-needed live event. The love of travel remains more real than ever – lots of encounters, new contacts, introductions and human connections with lots of excitement,” said Alison Gilmore, ILTM Portfolio Manager.

Some destinations, such as Qatar, participated for the first time in this fair and showed that they were ready to receive international tourism in their country. Not just for the World Cup, but for many years to come with a strong commitment to luxury properties, culture, experiences and a multi-award winning airline. So they presented their promotional campaign, which a very talented team that won Oscars and Emmys participated in to achieve an energetic strategy that shares what the country has to offer.

The mood at the meetings was very optimistic and positive. Luxury tourism is reactivating with new codes and priorities. The position of luxury brands from companies like Marriott is leaning towards positive change through global exploration. They know that consumers are looking for meaningful experiences that engage with the community. And they are ready to provide them. This is a time when people will focus on regeneration: deep journeys where they meet people, taste food, and learn about local history and culture.

the slow trip Is slow-down is also a strong trend. The Orient Express train brand will reactivate its lines in Italy with different routes, depending on the season of the year. The average price per person will be 2,000 euros per night. They seek to revive the concept of DolceVita sixties and seventies of train restoration and a very ambitious gastronomic project.

Sustainability will be key to travelers’ decision. Several hotel groups presented their projects. Small Luxury Hotels of the World introduced the Considerate Collection, currently made up of 26 hotels (seven more to be added soon) that are environmentally conscious, pay fair wages and use local products. They have zero plastic and zero waste policies. Beyond Green is the Preferred Hotels program dedicated to sustainability. They currently have 30 members on five continents. They seek to reintegrate, reproduce and protect endangered species.

Nature and outdoor activities will also be the protagonists of the industry. The Irish Tourist Board offers stunning scenery, forest bathing, monasteries tours, stargazing and seaweed spa treatments to experience energizing luxury. Norwegian Adventures personalizes each experience for its guests. It’s not a tourist product, it’s a meaningful experience. The way of working of this company seeks to meet the dreams of the customers and to realize them. His most profitable trip is the Northern Lights. They have always been able to see them for the past 20 years and they have a much less cold climate than other destinations where they can be admired.

The desire for adventure will remain very present. Quark Expeditions is a travel agency specializing in the Arctic and Antarctic. They seek to curate moments with nature and history, promote learning about climate change, and even have a dedicated penguin expert to teach. Customers become ambassadors who want to change the way they consume. This company and several others are seeking to align their goals with those of the United Nations’ sustainable development.

Other signs of recovery are the feeling of nostalgia and the tradition of creation. Auberge Resorts is a collection of experience-based hotels. They are unique properties, small and with a lot of personality. They have just opened Etéreo, in the Riviera Maya, and Deer Valley, in Utah. Whispers of the Heart will open in Punta Mita, as well as the Hearst Hotel in San Francisco. And his hotel in Florence will open in 2023.

After four days of discovering new propositions, making incredible travel memories and creating long-term relationships, we conclude that luxury travel is taking a very interesting turn, more focused on sustainability, learning and improving skills. local communities. ILTM will continue its events next semester in Sao Paulo in May and Singapore in June.

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