War and peace


in the middle of a huge campaign of media intoxication of the propaganda apparatuses and psychological operations of the United States and NATO, the hybrid war of West against Russia with its epicenter in Ukraine hinders the possibility of a negotiated solution with a cessation of hostilities to a conflict where, used as cannon fodder, the Ukrainian population brings its share of suffering and death.

On March 12, 1999, the entry of the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary marked the beginning of NATO’s expansionist strategy on Russia’s borders (criticized by G. Kennan, W. Perry, H. Kissinger , J. Mearsheimer and N. Chomsky), which was followed by the orange revolution of 2004 and the putsch 2014 in Ukraine, which led to an eight-year civil war in the Donbass and the Russian invasion last February.

the french newspaper Le Figaro showed the international character of the war, revealing that special commandos from the Pentagon’s Delta Force and the British Army’s elite corps (SAS (Special Air Service)) were carrying out clandestine operations on Ukrainian territory and would be in command of the army. However, the image that NATO propaganda is trying to sell on the heroic resistance ukraine and the counteroffensive of the local army, is a fiction.

The truth on the ground is another. Russia did not want to take kyiv to overthrow Volodymir Zelensky, but to besiege the capital to force him to negotiate. On April 12, President Vladimir Putin said the advance of Russian troops was slow to minimize losses and the military operation will achieve their goals Calm until they are completely finished.. And he accused Zelensky of stalling peace talks with bogus Russian war crimes charges.

On March 15, three weeks after the start of the Russian intervention, in a videoconference message to the leaders of the Nordic and Baltic countries gathered in London by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Zelensky had accepted that Ukraine should not join NATO. . The following March 30, in Istanbul, Ukrainian and Russian negotiators appeared to have made substantial progress towards a cessation of hostilities. According to the head of the Russian delegation, Vladimir Medinsky, his Ukrainian counterpart had committed for the first time, in writing, to renounce joining NATO and setting up foreign bases on its territory and not to deploy weapons offensives that could be considered a threat by Russia.

In doing so, it pledged to assume a status of (military) neutrality, provided that the permanent members of the UN Security Council (China, United States, France, Britain and Russia) as well that Germany, Canada, Israel, Poland and Turkey became guarantors of the agreement. These were the three essential goals that Russia had presented for his signature to Joe Biden before February 24 and that the United States rejected. Putin’s other two strategic goals were demilitarize Yes denazify Ukraine.

In a bid to derail negotiations, between March 15 and March 30, Biden portrayed Putin as war criminal, murderous dictator, Butcher and announced the shipment of more weapons to Ukraine.

In connection with the demilitarizationAccording to former Swiss General Staff and Intelligence Colonel Jacques Baud, during the first six days of its military offensive in Ukraine, Russia succeeded in destroying Ukrainian aircraft on the ground; neutralized the command and intelligence structures and the main logistical axes of the territory; surrounded the bulk of the rival army concentrated in the southeast of the country, and occupied the Chernobyl plant to prevent sabotage.

Trained by British and American intelligence, Baud said the denazification The Russian army was concentrated in the cities of Kharkov, Mariupol and Odessa, whose defense was ensured by paramilitary militias attached to the National Guard (dependent on the Ministry of the Interior and trained in urban combat), such as the Azov, the Pravy Séktor and the Aidar regiments, made up of neo-Nazis, supremacists and foreign mercenaries. For attacking an urbanized area, civilians are a problem. This is why Russia has sought to create humanitarian corridors to empty cities of civilians and more easily fight militias, Baud said. But the Azov battalion, not respecting the customs of war, used them as human shields as evidenced by censored videos in the United States and Europe.

A former head of UN peacekeeping operations, Baud called criminal act the romanticized image of Western propaganda on the popular resistance Ukraine, which led the European Union to finance the distribution of arms to the civilian population. Arming civilian citizens turns them into fighters. In other words, in potential targets. He said war should be left in the hands of the military and a losing side should be admitted. And if there is to be resistance, it is essential that it be directed and structured by a military command. But use the Ukrainian population as cannon fodder to fight against Russiawas an irresponsible decision by the EU.

On April 12, Putin said that the confrontation with the Ukrainian neo-Nazis was It’s a question of time. And he denounced the psychological operation in Bucha was a deliberate decision to blame Russia and block what had been agreed in Istanbul. (By the way, he made invisible in the media Russian denunciations of bioweapons labs sponsored by Hunter Biden, George Soros, Goldman Sachs and the Pentagon in Ukraine, and the torture of Russian POWs by the Ukrainian military. ).

NATO uses hybrid warfare because it lacks the capability to wage conventional warfare with Russia, which has advanced strategic deterrence systems unmatched in the West. On April 13, Russia considered legitimate military target US and NATO transports that carry weapons to Ukraine, and warned that it would attack command posts in kyiv, which he had refrained from doing so far. The strategic port of Mariupol was devastated. Stranded at the Azovstal steel plant, last night the remnants of the Ukrainian army and 400 mercenaries were bombed by Russia. The fall of Mariupol would reverse the war.

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