Bottas wins, Hamilton suffers and Sainz comes back

the Formula 1 Turkish GP It was a justification for the secondary characters. How important they are at key times like this Sunday. Today champion Lewis Hamilton and challenger Max Verstappen weren’t fighting alone. their respective partnersValtteri Bottas and ‘Checo’ Perezthey had to put their important grain of sand in as close a fight for the crown as theirs. Batman wouldn’t be the same without Robin. Sherlock Holmes also without Doctor Watson. In such an exciting and close battle, with 7 races to go, the “seconds” had to play a leading role in a Turkish GP full of uncertainties. The first, Valtteri Bottas, won the Oscar with a perfect and error-free race, win the race without hesitating for a moment against Verstappen (2nd), keeping the Dutchman at bay at all times in order to snatch some key points from Max in the title fight. And for his part, ‘Checo’ Pérez was 3rd and managed to take a very important few seconds from Hamilton, stopping the Englishman’s comeback in a formidable head-to-head mid-race. The Mexican made it big against the Brits before making his save, and from there Lewis’ appointment changed completely. The big protagonists also had to comply. Verstappen did it by being second in a race in which he didn’t have the fastest car.. While, Hamilton was totally off the charts finishing just 5thlosing a few points that could be crucial in the fight for the World Cup.


The Turkish GP in pictures


All of this, in a GP marked by the rain that fell before the meeting and the drops that continued to wet the track in the last sector. The test was in wet conditions, for intermediates. A strange appointment due to the uncertainty of the sky, which led Hamilton to opt for a very risky and dangerous strategy that Mercedes did not want to see through.

F1 Turkish GP 2021 Final Standings

F1 Turkish GP 2021 Final Standings


Day to forget for Lewis

Last week Verstappen penalized and started from the back of the grid to change engines and to have fresh propellant in the last races of the year. He minimized losses and finished second in Russia. This time, Hamilton seemed to have the pace even to win starting 11th after having changed a single element of its engine for the same purpose as the Dutchman. But Pérez’s stopper stopped his ascent, and from then on, life got complicated with a risky strategy.

Everyone was eagerly waiting for the track to dry to avoid another extra stop with intermediates and go straight to dry tyres. But the asphalt has not finished drying. Lewis tried to go all the way without stopping, wanting to complete 58 laps with the intermediates. He risked a lot. The tire could not resist and suffered a puncture which could leave him in a very bad position in the fight for the title. Hamilton wanted to try to finish third after Max. He was going all or nothing, knowing that if he succeeded, he could make a difference. But eventually, with 7 laps to go, the team called him into the pits for the second time and Lewis reluctantly agreed this time.

of the Stevenage returned to the track in fifth place behind Leclerc (4th) and a large Perez (3rd) who overtook Charles in the final laps to be third. hamilton criticized the conservative tactics of mercedes. “What position am I in? Fifth? I shouldn’t have come in!”exclaimed Lewis, because with new compound and an increasingly dry track, he needed to clean the tire as he went through the corners to be fast. I was wasting a lot of time. I went from focusing in third position to having to look in the rear view mirror.

“Gasly is one second away”they told him on the radio with 3 laps to go. “Leave me alone”Lewis asked angrily. I didn’t want to hear more. the rhythm of hamilton it was bad and gaseous he could help his ‘older brothers’, Red Bull, trying to overtake Hamilton, with Norris also stuck to the Frenchman. Lewis had to fight to keep fifth position until the end, suffer on a date that in neither case did I think would end like this. unpredictable. The champion lost valuable points and couldn’t minimize his loss like Max did in Russia. many lost points important for a World Cup which can be decided on small details like this Sunday.


Hamilton, after Gasly in his comeback attempt)

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boots did not make his day worse by winning, taking 5 points from Max that if the Dutchman had reached them, they could have been a killing blow against Lewis.

Sainz, big comeback

carlos sainz he was elected “Best driver of the day” at the Turkish GP. It is not for less. The Madrid driver made a huge comeback, from 19th place to the eighth final, with a lot of determination and a dizzying pace in his first stint, when the track was wetter. The Madrilenian overtook his rivals without error in turn 12 in which he always achieved his goal. Such was the rhythm carlos that in just 18 laps he was already 9th after gaining 10 positions. There was only one but in his career, that of his team, which made things very difficult for him by making a very bad save of more than 8 seconds. This took him away from a position at Ocon, but the Madridista took it upon himself to correct the error of Ferrari overtake the Frenchman on the track to finish 8th.

The day could have been better Ferrarias he touched the podium of a Leclerc who saw how Perez I took the wallet from him at the end. The Mexican, deserved third place after a brutal defense against Lewis in a race where he showed his best level.


Carlos Sainz, at the 2021 F1 Turkish GP

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Alonzo, bad luck

Fernando Alonso could opt for a great result. I didn’t want it to rain. He prayed to heaven not to because in the dry he had good pace starting fifth, he also started with a perfect strategy with medium compound and two hard tires in the chamber. But the weather was capricious, and on a wet track, he was the big loser at the start. The Asturian tried to get fourth going through the outside to gaseous but the Frenchman opened his line on the exit of the corner and expelled Alonso, who spun and fell to 17th place. The Oviedo man tried to return, but after contact with Mick Schumacher, he no longer had the necessary rhythm. Fernando was penalized 5 seconds for the accident with the GermanJust like Gasly for ruining Fernando’s race early on. “What an idiot is Gasly”, Alonso chided on the radio. He knew that his chances of being in the points had stopped at the first corner.

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