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dubai exhibition, It is one of the most important massive events for global economic reactivation in which Colombia will be presented as a destination ideal for exports, foreign direct investment and international tourism.

Next Friday, October 1, the President of the Republic, Iván Duque, and national businessmen will take the flags to represent the country at the Universal Exhibition 2021-2022, which will begin that day and continue until March 31, 2022.

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For 182 days, public and private entities and Colombian businessmen will have the opportunity to be in one of the most important exhibition showcases in the world. There they will be able to connect, do business and bring more investments to the country which contributes to the economic reactivation in complete safety and it will also be an opportunity to strengthen our ties with the United Arab Emirates, with whom we have exchanges trading close to 250 US dollars. million. It is one of the most important markets in the Arabian Peninsula and a great ally of Colombia.said the Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism, María Ximena Lombana.

This event will bring together 200 participants from nations, organizations, businesses and educational institutions and Colombia will be one of 192 participating countries. The last time the country took part in this great global showcase was at Expo Milano 2015, during which it was possible, among other things, to expand the spectrum of products with a Colombian stamp with the exhibition cocoa and panela.

One of the objectives is that 8,000 daily visits are registered in the pavilion of Colombia, for a total of 1.5 million visitors during the 182 days of the Expo.

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In addition, it is sought that with more than 60 actions between promotional activities, corporate agendas and events, as well as the participation of almost 200 public and private entities, it will be possible to contribute to targets to increase non-mining energy exports to $32 million by 2022 and thereby promote the goal of reaching $130 million by 2030.

In foreign direct investment, the objective is to attract two new projects for 65 million dollars and in tourism, the objective is to facilitate a new direct flight or codeshare with the airlines of this region to improve the connectivity, increase the number of international travelers and further facilitate bilateral trade relations.

The World Expo has always been a high-impact event and it can be even more so at a time when the world must accelerate its economic recovery. For this reason, we are going to present a large exhibition of Colombia with a pavilion of 2,000 square meters and a commercial program with 60 actions during the six months of the fair to generate business between Colombian entrepreneurs with companies from the Emirates and other countries. other markets. Moreover, with our participation, we will launch the Vision 2030 that we have designed with the United Arab Emirates to strengthen our bilateral trade relations.said Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia.

Colombia’s participation in this major global showcase is part of a long-term plan designed by the country and the United Arab Emirates.

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It is a 2030 Vision which aims to strengthen commercial relations between the two markets with clear objectives, such as reaching 1 billion dollars of trade between the two countries, strengthening air and maritime connectivity for passengers and freight, attracting mega investments in tourism infrastructure, renewable energy, technology and agribusiness, develop a common strategy to make Colombia a strategic ally in Latin America for food security in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East, and create a bi-national business council.


The promotional agenda is made up of 60 actions to present Colombia’s potential in the axes of exports, investment and tourism, which will be carried out through business meetings, product and brand activations, as well as actions aimed at strengthening the commercial relationship between Colombia and the United Arab Emirates.

Tools intended to facilitate the business relations of Colombian entrepreneurs with this region of the world will also be made available, such as the Expo Dubai B2B Marketplace Chapter, a free digital catalog with the exportable offer for this part of the world, and the ‘How to do business’ document, a digital guide with information that includes the most important cultural, logistical and market aspects.

On the other hand, ProColombia, together with Innpulsa and the other entities linked to the participation of Colombia, and under the direction of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism, invites Colombian companies to present themselves at ‘Scale2Dubai’, a project inherited from the Expo and which is projected as the Silicon Valley of the Middle East. This will provide 2,000 jobs for two years to companies around the world, operating authorizations and support from the Emirati government in the search for resources allowing the installation of projects in this space on a large scale.

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There will be weekly themes dedicated to strategic sectors such as flowers, coffee, cocoa, meat, fruits, fashion, creative industries and tourism, among others:

Here are a few:

– Flower week: flowers connect the world. From November 4 to 10.

– Colombian National Day: November 5.

• Colombian macro tour in Dubai: afence reactivation gates. From November 7 to 11.

– Fashion Week: fashion beyond clothes. From November 11 to 18.

– Tourism week: Colombia, a world-class destination. From January 9 to 15, 2022.

– Colombian Agro Month: Colombia, pantry of the world. Throughout the month of February.

– Investment Week: as part of the Global Business Forum Latin America. From March 23 to 25.


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