From a girl who dreamed of being an artist to a singer with international projection: Oriana Sabatini is 26 and celebrates them from a distance

The whole family: Catherine Fulop, Oriana, Ova and Tiziana Sabatini

“Mom, I’m on the cover of a magazine!”loudly celebrated oriana sabatini last February on his Twitter account, in which he shared the fruit of his work. Oriana, goddess responded Catherine Fulop. Of course, it was not the first time that it was the cover of a publication: in Argentina, it had been done several times. But on this occasion, it was an international leap in his career. Another more. He made a photographic production for the cover of the French magazine The Officiala haute couture publication where the best brands are to be found and through which the most famous international models have passed.

“Oriana Sabatini, Miss Jewel”, featured the magazine on its cover for which the actress posed in a blue print outfit, a color she associated with the publication’s lettering. There, in addition, he wore an important watch of a recognized brand and a diamond ring. She made this production long before surprising with her change of look by dyeing her eyebrows in blond: on the eyelid she has them in their original color and currently she wears them in platinum blond, an international fashion that she has imposed in Argentina.

The latest issue of L'Officiel magazine with Oriana Sabatini on the cover (Nicolas Gerardin)
The latest issue of L’Officiel magazine with Oriana Sabatini on the cover (Nicolas Gerardin)

The eldest daughter of Cathy Fulop and Ova Sabatini turns 26 on April 19 and has a promising artistic career. Ever since she was a girl, she knew what she wanted and she prepared for it. Despite the popularity of her family (besides her mother, her aunt is the renowned tennis player Gabriela Sabati), decided to train and find her own way: she began as an actress in the Uruguayan television in Because I love you like that (2011) and after showing her talent as a singer in Susana Giménez’s living room, Chris Brown cast her for her first leading role: alliesin 2013, for the Telefe screen.

later they came Kally’s Mashup, Gone Girl, well-kept secret Yes What are you playing at?. Between national and international fiction, he also made appearances on the big screen, a career for which he had traveled to New York: There he studied cinema for a year.

He also did theaterthe success club and music with allies), but without a doubt, what has marked her the most lately has been her musical career: she started out as a soloist and recorded with great artists.

oriana sabatini
oriana sabatini

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In addition, he has received numerous awards and statuettes that he has accumulated throughout his career and that he keeps in his two homes: that of Buenos Aires, where he lived with his family; and that of Turin, Italy, where he lives with paulo dybala since she decided to settle down with him.

Their love story began in 2018, but they only cleared it at the end of the World Cup in Russia. It’s that they had no intention of speculating on the performance of the Argentine team player. They first had a long-distance relationship, then she decided to travel and move in with her boyfriend. In any case, it was clear to her that she would not give up her career and all that she had accomplished before meeting him. Thus, she continues to triumph abroad and not only continues to bring out new themes, but little by little she begins to venture into the world of fashion.

Oriana Sabatini and Paulo Dybala during their European summer days (@paulodybala)
Oriana Sabatini and Paulo Dybala during their European summer days (@paulodybala)

In Argentina, he had already done campaigns, productions and had been the face of well-known brands. That’s why it’s no coincidence that she was called on the cover of the most important fashion magazine in Francefrom where they closely follow in the footsteps of Oriana, who is only by her first name, as it appears on her Instagram account, a social network in which she has almost six million followers.

Halfway through the year, Dybala’s contract at Juventus came to an end and the Italian press speculated that the player could continue his career in the Premier League, England. The decision will be together since, as a couple, they will have to determine where they will live in the next seasons. Meanwhile, she continues to triumph with her music around the world.

In the country he is, and at a distance or in situ, oriana sabatini She tramples in the artistic world but also in the world of fashion because, as she dreamed of since childhood, she achieves everything she undertakes. And as she lives her passionate love affair with Paulo Dybala, she allows herself to balance it with her role as an actress, singer and model. And go beyond what she herself knew how to project when she was a girl playing at being an artist in front of the mirror at home.

Oriana Sabatini and Paulo Dybala had already posed for the photographer of the French magazine (Nicolas Gerardin)
Oriana Sabatini and Paulo Dybala had already posed for the photographer of the French magazine (Nicolas Gerardin)


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