Manage your business with legal advice | 4 Types of Lawyers Your Business Might Need

Ángel Ossorio y Gallardo, author of the famous book “El Alma de la Toga”, very eloquently stated that “He’s not a lawyer who doesn’t have a delicate artistic perception”. Law, like art, is found in everything we do.

The structural foundations of the society we live in are supported by the pillars it has built the legal world promote the well-being, safety and the economy of nations. This is where the different political and economic thoughts and currents come from. By studying the world of law, we show that it dates back to the beginnings of civilized societies. In Greece, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Rome, legal conversations were already taking place, issues that are timeless and still debated today.

But, the law, although transcendental in the civil domain, is covered with a great importance for businesses, companies and entrepreneurial projects. Anyone who feels the desire to create a business with growth ambitions must know where it stands legally, on what foundations it works and what resources it must implement to overcome both daily life and difficulties.

And it is that we live in a time of business, a time when life is no longer about working for work, but about moving money in our favor. Sure, a great idea that’s caught on the market has gained a lot of traction, but a company is much more than its productbecause it is also made by its people, the foundations on which it is built and the services it outsources.

Lawyers: protagonists of business scenarios

Law is one of the most important professions for the development of our society and vital for anyone who aspires to become an entrepreneur. A good legal representative not only saves you a lot of trouble, but also prevents it and helps you earn money. From the idea of ​​the state, which stems from a social contract, the machinations of Hobbes, Rosseau and Locke, to the regulation of property as the main guarantee, the law makes democracy possible.

All spheres of the ancient, modern and contemporary world have seen the need for legal dye for the regulation of relations between individuals, the state and between states. And, regarding this article, it also turned out vital in the commercial and business worldI. Therefore, the law has been expanded in such a way that in all the scenarios already designed, a specialized lawyer appears as the main character.

Lawyers and economists

It is considered that the first right that gave rise to the emergence of the legal world was that of property. He had been cooking since before Rome, but it was then that he had greater prominence. Economic, commercial and financial knowledge They are another pillar of society. And many would believe that they live in constant conflict with the law; however, they need each other. A company that wants to exist must rely on the law.

Leopoldo Pons Abogados is a company that understood this need and therefore formed a team of lawyers and economists highly qualified. Offer advice in all key areas of economic and commercial activity. He has lawyers andspecialized in commercial law, lawyers specialized in company law and lawyers specialized in consumer law. For every problem, there is a legal specialist.

Legal advice, key to generating companies

Building a business is not always easy, it requires many hours of work and making certain sacrifices for the success of the idea that develops. For a business to consolidate and reach a point of equilibrium, it must more than just having a good product or service. Financial, economic, advertising, social and legal factors have a huge impact.

A legal problem can easily lead to the ruin of a business project. It is important to have complete and guaranteed legal advice to ensure the stability and consolidation of the company, relying on a firm that has a specialist for each problem. The inconveniences within a company They generally belong to the sphere private right. We tell you which lawyer you need for each problem.

How do I know which lawyer I need?

The right itself is divided into three branches: public, private and social. But, these, in turn, have different sub-branches that make the legal catalog of situations that the law must deal with wide and diverse. Leopoldo Pons Abogados is a firm that has worked resolutely to offer a comprehensive service to its clients, since it has work teams specialized in different legal branches, which allows it to deal with various problems. We will tell you three specialties and the field of work they have.

  1. Lawyers specializing in commercial law:

It offers a complete service during all phases of business development, from incorporation (analysis of the most suitable legal form, preparation of the statutes that will govern the business, drafting of shareholders’ agreements, etc.), through recurring advice throughout the life of the company. (amendments to the articles of association, capital increases and reductions, etc.), until, where applicable, the termination of its legal personality (dissolution and liquidation, receivership proceedings, etc.). Moreover, the lawyers specializing in commercial law They intervene on all contractualization and negotiation issues.

  1. Lawyers specializing in corporate law:

Advice is provided on numbers, shapes and social relationships. A company without good legal advice, provided by lawyers specializing in corporate law, it is economically less efficient and more vulnerable. At Leopoldo Pons Avocats, they are experts in the event of the resignation of a partner, the incorporation of companies, the preparation and updating of company statutes, regulations for general meetings and boards of directors, as well as partner agreements and family protocols, legal advice to the Company’s governance bodies and in different corporate transactions, corporate restructurings and complex corporate transactions and corporate governance matters.

  1. Lawyers specializing in consumer law:

Finally, consumer law is linked to other areas of the legal world. Civil, administrative and procedural law comes into play in these situations. The consumer law attorneys by Leopoldo Pons to know in detail the regulations (autonomous, state and European) aimed at the protection of the consumer or user in the market of goods and services, after having analyzed their implications, both from the point of view of the consumer and the entrepreneur or seller. The idea is that you, your project and your brand image, for the public, are protected by the legal framework.

To find out more and receive advice, visit the Leopoldo Pons lawyers website.

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