Spanish capital of administrative digitization with a forum that will bring together CIOs from each region

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They are at the origin of the digitization strategies and systems of each of the seventeen Autonomous Communities: These are the CIOs (Chief Information Officers). The key issues of cybersecurity and the modernization of the procedures that citizens must take with the Administration depend on their work. This Wednesday and Thursday, for the first time in Spain, CIOs from each region will coincide in the same forum to be held in Murcia.

“This event is the seed of what we want to do: put Murcia on the national digital transformation map“, as Javier Martínez Gilabert, General Director of IT and Digital Transformation, advances, showing enthusiasm for the celebration of the ‘I Forum of Autonomous People Responsible for Digitization’.

The organization of this forum is part of the commitment that the Government of Murcia is making for the modernization of the administration and whose axis will be the Digital Agency of the region that will be created this year. To this end, the funds allocated to the digitization chapter have been increased and, in the 2021 budget, The investment will amount to 52 million euros, compared to 40 million in the 2020 accounts.

In addition, in the Palacio de San Esteban there is work on the application of disruptive technologies in administrative procedures, such as artificial intelligence and data analysis. Research is also being conducted on application modernization and process automation. All this, with the ultimate aim of optimizing resources, modernizing and improving the efficiency of the public service provided to citizens, businesses and social organisations.

“Our flagship project is to create the Digital Agency of the Region, before the end of the year, to digitize the autonomous community and our productive fabric”, underlines Gilabert. “We want to turn Murcia into a technology hub.” For this, the Minister of Finance and Digital Administration, Luis Alberto Marín, maintains a round of contacts with leading companies in R&D&i, which has already borne fruit a collaborative project with IBM is under consideration.

This Wednesday and Thursday, with the ‘I Forum of Autonomous Persons Responsible for Digitization’, Another step will be taken in this direction as the CIOs of Catalonia, Madrid and Galicia will meet in the capital of Segura who are pointers in the matter. The event has attracted the interest of the Spanish government and will be attended by the Director General of Digitization and Artificial Intelligence, Salvador Esteban.

The Minister of Finance, Luis Alberto Marín, with the Director General of IT and Digital Transformation, Javier Martínez Gilabert.


The three main topics to cover in the forum These will be cybersecurity, the implementation and impact of 5G technology and Next Generation funds. “So that the administrations do not suffer from incidents such as cyberattacks on the State Public Employment Service, we are going to study monitoring and rapid response systems to minimize these risks, to prevent a work does not lose data, or that officials find themselves without tools”, details Gilabert.

In addition, e-government will be addressed, automation of processes in the work of civil servantsthe development of broadband in rural areas and in industrial areas.

Employment in the ICT sector

With this forum, the government of Murcia wants to collect information from the regional CIOs to apply it to their Digital diary for period 2022-2027, which aims ensure that citizens and businessmen can carry out the majority of procedures with the regional administration via mobile phone: such as the application for an activity or construction permit. As well wants to promote during this period the employment in the ICT sectordigital classrooms in educational centers and telematic consultations with the primary care physician and specialists.

“Although we are a small community, our line of work is put us at the forefront of autonomy in this matter be one hundred percent digital”, insists the general director of IT and digital transformation of Murcia.

“The Digitization is one of the fundamental axes of the Government’s recovery plan of Spain and for the European Union, because a third of the funds of the next generation will go in this area”, explains Gilabert. “We have a huge challenge and as we have seen that the government has not brought us all together, we found it necessary to organize a sectoral forum in Murcia, where all the regional authorities responsible for digitization share their proposals and problems”.

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