The Bacchus Competition will bring together a large cast of professionals

Over 1,700 wines from 13 countries will be tasted blind by Masters of Wine, Masters Sommelier and other professionals in the sector, approving the awards that Bacchus 2022 will give with their experience and independence. The Great Gold Bacchus, Gold Bacchus and Silver Bacchus are intended for the highest rated wines and vermouths.

The 20th edition of International Bacchus Competitionan event that will bring together the largest cast of world-class professionals, will Madrid in the world capital of wine from April 25 to 28. With this competition, Spanish Union of Tasters (UEC)chaired by Fernando Gurucharrimanages to collect wine masters (maximum distinction in the sector) to conduct a panel of 70 tastersamong which are the most influential opinion leaders of the planet (sommeliers, purchasing managers distribution groups and wine institutions, and reviews specialized) from 13 countries: Germany, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Slovakia, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Moldova, Portugal, Czech Republic and Uruguay.

During three technical sessions at the Casino de Madrid, and strictly blind tastingprofessionals will value the references submitted to the competition, which total more than 1700and will be valued in the category of reds, whites, rosés, sparkling wines, sweet wines and vermouths.

The previous edition corresponding to the prices Bacchus 2021 1,692 wines took part in blind tastings to qualify to be winners. The highest distinction, the Gran Bacchus de Oro has been received by 32 winesincluding 18 Spaniards.

Professional blind tasting procedure

During the tasting Bacchus 2022there will be a total of 70 tasters divided into 14 juries of 5 tasters each day.

So that the marks are not known in advance, the wines leave packed in black bags with a codeThey are also prepared behind the scenes and served by professional sommeliers. Likewise, the the tasting is individual and personalalthough there is a table chair who acts as coordinator.

After completing the wine evaluation forms, where on Thursday they will have had to score different technical aspects such as the visual phase, the olfactory phase and the taste phase, with a final score between 0 and 100 points), they are seized in a computer programmed to calculate them and from there the medals are decided in the category of reds, whites, rosés, sparkling, sweets and vermouths:

  • Large Golden Bacchus (from 93 to 100).
  • Bacchus from requested Yes Silver Bacchus.
Tecnovino-International Bacchus Competition 2022

Panel of tasters

proper names of international sommelier like Slovenian Raymonds Tomsonselected best sommelier in Europe and Africa (2017), the Italians Eros Tebonibest sommelier in the world by the World Sommelier Association (2018) and Francesco Marzollabest sommelier in the Nordic countries (2019), French Paul RobineauExecutive Head Sommelier of Maisons Taillevent, the Greek Georgios IordanidisHead of Wines at Annabel’s London, Lithuanian Martynas PravilonisHead Sommelier of the Grand Hotel Kempinski Vilnius, or the Master Sommelier Piotr Pietras MSwill co-star in an exclusive poster with six wine masters like the american David Forer MWFinnish Pasi Ketolainen MWNorwegian Aina Mee Myhre MW, german hispanic Andreas Kubach MW or the English Mike Best MW Yes James Doidge MWand other international opinion leaders such as Spike Huisman (The Netherlands), Ketil Sauer (Denmark), Juan Carlos Rincon (Colombia), valeria tennis (Russia), Rocio Amador (Mexico) or Edita Durcova (Slovakia). They will be joined by a no less relevant team of national communicators, with relevant personalities such as santiago rivas Is Salvador Manjonwinegrowers love Ignacio de Miguel, Jose Hidalgo Camacho Is Maite Sanchezor sommeliers like Daniel Poveda.

An authentic list of world prescribers which consolidates the international prestige acquired by Bacchus, an unmissable event since 1996 in the annual calendar of wine quality competitions and which already cumulates 20 editions.

Some of the profiles that make up the panel of tasters are:

  • Aina Mee MyhreMW (Norway) – Master of Wine. Import Director Heyday Wines
  • Alphonse Chacon (Spain) – winemaker. Canopy Technical Director
  • Andre Miguel de Gasperin (Brazil)- President of the Brazilian Association of Oenology
  • Andreas Kubach MW (Spain) – Master of Wine. Co-Founder and Managing Director at Peninsula Vinicultores
  • Anna Granqvist (Sweden) – WSET Diploma. Director Importer ANNAK-Genuine Spanish Wines.
  • Arina Antoce (Romania) – winemaker – Vinariun International Wine Contest (Vinofed)
  • Beatriz Garcia del Pinosommelier and DipWSET
  • Belgacem D’khili (Tunisia) – Technical Director Les Vignerons de Carthage
  • Chester Yangsommelier (Berria Restaurant)
  • Daniel Poveda (Spain) – sommelier Lavinia Madrid.
  • David Forer MW (USA) – Wine Master. Freelance consultant.
  • Dobrinka Veselinovasommelier
  • Edita Durcova (Slovakia) – winemaker. Wine importer (VINALMA). Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Diploma
  • Eros Teboni (Italy) – Best Sommelier of the World WSA 2018
  • Esteban Celemin (Spain) – winemaker. WSET Level 3. Board of Directors Spanish Union of Tasters
  • Frederick Oldenburg (Argentina) – specialized journalist. Media collaborator.
  • Philippe Nagy (Slovakia) – winemaker Zlaty Roh
  • Francesco Marzolla (Italy) – Best Nordic Sommelier 2019. Head Sommelier Fredensborgs Hospitality (Oslo)
  • Georgios Iordanidis (Greece) – Wine Manager Annabel’s (Birley Club) London.
  • Gregory Rousse (France) – Country Manager Spain at Vivino.
  • Ignatius of Michael (Spain) – winemaker. Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Union of Tasters. Technical director and consultant of different wineries in Spain
  • James Doidge MW (United Kingdom) – Master of Wine. Buyer and Managing Director at Specialized importer The Wine Treasury
  • Javier Fernandez Piera (Spain) – director CPC Cooking Ideas.
  • Javier Gila (Spain) – President of the Association of Sommeliers of Madrid
  • Jens Riis (USA) – Wine importer. Collaborator in the specialized media
  • Joanna Ciborowska (Poland) – Export Executive and E-commerce Manager, VIZAR Winery. WSET Level 3.
  • Jose Antonio Fernandez Escudero (Spain) – Technical Director of the Zarcillo Awards
  • Jose Hidalgo Camacho (Spain) – Oenologist. Technical Director Vicente Gandia
  • Jose Maria Escudero (Spain) – Representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA)
  • Joseph Valihrach (Czech Rep.) – Josef Valihrach, technical director of Vinarstvi
  • Juan Carlos Rincón (Colombia) – WSET Diploma. Blog Tasting corner
  • Ketil Sauer (Denmark) – director Importadora Sauer Wine. Experienced sommelier, educator, consultant and writer. Star Wine List Ambassador in Copenhagen
  • Lucas Rodriguez (Spain) – Sommelier Bodeboca.
  • louis leza (Spain) – winemaker
  • Maite Sanchez (Spain) – oenologist. Technical Director Bodegas Arrayán.
  • Manuel Capote (Spain) – winemaker Bodegas Balcón de la Laguna. Vice-president of CERVIM.
  • Manuel Rollan (Spain) – representative Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Spain (MAPA)
  • sea ​​rosemary (Spain) – food journalist. Director of the Table et Repos Program at Capital Radio
  • Mª Antonia Fernandez-Daza (Spain) – oenologist. Consultant and collaborator in specialized media
  • Marina Garcia (Spain) – oenologist. Marketing Manager González Byass
  • Mario Barrera (Spain) – winemaker. Technical Director CRDO Wines of Madrid
  • Source Mario (Spain) – responsible for the Wine Technological Platform
  • Martin Schmid (Czech Rep.) – WSET Diploma. Grade “Weinakademiker” at the Weinakademie Österreich in Austria
  • Martynas Pravilonis (Lithuania) – Head Sommelier (Grand Hotel Kempinski Vilnius). Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET)
  • Michael Stykowski (Poland) – Sommelier importing Wine rePublic. WSET Level 3 Pass with Distinction
  • Miguel A. Martin (Spain) – specialized journalist. Enocata Portal Manager
  • Mike Best MW (United Kingdom) – Master of Wine. Account Manager Boutinot Wines (United Kingdom).
  • Miroslav Majer (Czech Rep.) – President of the Association of Wine Merchants of the Czech Republic.
  • Nathalie Porras (Colombia) – Wine Inspirator and consultant at Wine Inspiration. WSET Level 3. WSET Diploma student.
  • Osvaldo Amado (Portugal) – winemaker. Technical Director Global Wines / Dao Sul.
  • Paul Ugarte (Chile) – director Catad’Or Wine Awards Santiago de Chile
  • Pasi Ketolainen MW (Finland) – Master of Wine. Sales Manager Importer Viinitie Oy
  • Paul Robineau (France) Executive Head Sommelier of the Taillevent group. UK’s Best Young Sommelier 2020
  • Piotr Pietras MS (Poland) – Founder and director of Terroiryści. Master Sommelier. 2nd Best Sommelier in Europe 2017
  • Raymonds Tomsons (Latvia) – Best Sommelier of Europe and Africa 2017. ASI Third Best Sommelier of the World in 2019.
  • Ralph Anselman (Germany) – technical director Weingut Anselmann
  • Regina Vanderlinde (Brazil) – Vice-president of the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV)
  • Reneria Renteria (Mexico) – sommelier and communicator.
  • Rocio Amador (Mexico) – WSET Diploma. Consultant. Director Guide Peñin Mexico
  • Salvador Manjon (Spain) – specialized journalist and director of La Semana Vitivinícola
  • santiago rivas (Spain) – Decanted Collective. Collaborator in specialized media.
  • Sarah Benson (UK) – The Co-op Wine Buyer. Master’s student in oenology
  • Sergio Correa (Chile) – Oenologist and international wine consultant.
  • Simion Croitoru (Moldova) – CEO of Importadora Atlantikdynamik
  • Spike Huisman (Netherlands) – Head of Wine Sourcing, Category and Brand Development E-Luscious
  • Stella Duran (Spain) – Sommelier Chamber of Commerce of Madrid. Room manager at the restaurant of the partners of Uria Menendez Avocats
  • Tereza Helmova (Slovakia) – winemaker Vinařství Kolby Y Reisten
  • valeria tennis (Russia) – specialized journalist (Simple News). 2018 Best Female Sommelier of Russia
Tecnovino-International Bacchus Competition 2022

Exhibition “Spain: Indigenous Ambassadors” and “Mediterranean Wine Fair”

The official tasting program is completed by a agenda of promotional events organized by the Spanish Union of Tasters. In them, both the wines of Spain, with the organization of the room Spain: indigenous ambassadors and the Mediterranean Wine Fair On April 25 and 27, like those in Poland, with a masterclass led by Master Sommelier Piotr Pietras MS, they will be the protagonists.

Monday 25, at 8 p.m.

On the 25th, tasters will be welcomed and Bacchus 2022 will be inaugurated at the Villareal 5* hotel (Plaza de las Cortes 10. Madrid) Show – room “Spain: Indigenous Ambassadors” and cocktail offered by the Spanish Union of Tasters with the participation and collaboration of a selection of wineries in Spain.

Since From Tuesday 26 April to Thursday 28 Aprilfrom 09:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

During these two days, the blind tastings will take place at El Casino (C/ Alcalá 15).

Thursday 28 at 1:30 p.m.

On Thursday, April 28, at 1:30 p.m., the winners will be announced live according to the opinion of the jury and will win the prestigious Grand Bacchus de Oro, Bacchus de Oro and Bacchus de Plata medals.

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