The price of plane tickets has increased by 21.2% since the start of the war

Airfares have risen 21.2% worldwide since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, according to the online travel company Kiwi, which assures that Spain manages to overcome the impact of the crisis since the international reserves place it as one of the most requested destinations for the summer season, along with Italy, Greece and the United States. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has a strong humanitarian, economic, energy and trade impact. The tourism sector, which in 2021 and early 2022 had started to recover again, is also affected, in part, by the context of war.

Ukraine like Russia Until now, they were two of the biggest destinations in the booking network. Thus, from January 1 to February 24, 2022, the kyiv-Warsaw, Bucharest-London and Moscow-Budapest routes were the most booked globally in the company.

The Kyiv-Barcelona route was also one of the busiest, occupying the eighth position. From February 25, following the start of the Russian invasion, all Ukrainian and Russian destinations have disappeared from the list and the routes Prague-Rome, Vienna-Barcelona and Tel-Aviv-London have become the most popular. From January 1 to February 24, Barcelona airport received the highest number of bookings, followed by Budapest, Lisbon and Bucharest, while Borspil International Airport, the largest in Ukraine, ranked eleventh .

Two other Ukrainian airports were also placed in the “Top 35”: Danylo Halytskyi International Airport, in the city of Lviv (29th position), and Sikorsky International Airport, the second in the capital (position 31°). Since February 25, Ukrainian airports are no longer listed and two airports in the ‘Top 10’ have lost several places: Budapest (from 2nd to 7th) and Bucharest (from 4th to 8th), the most important of the two border countries of the Ukraine, such as Hungary and Romania, respectively.

Increase in travel prices

As a result of the conflict, it is estimated that, overall and as of February 25, the price of air tickets has increased by 21.2% on compared to the start of 2022. Long-haul flights (+4,000 kilometres) are those who recorded a greater increase, 16.6%. The impact in Spain is significantly less, with a total increase of only 6%. The tourism company assures that the price increase is a combination of the recovery in demand and the increase in fuel prices in recent months.

And it is that rising fuel prices have been an ongoing trend over the past 18 months due to capacity bottlenecks and rebounding consumer demand, but the war in Ukraine has accelerated the trend. inflationary over the past four weeks. “Global impacts on fuel prices could result in higher prices over time. Although, in general, low-cost airlines have a more modern and fuel-efficient air fleet than traditional airlines, which will allow them to better absorb fuel costs. However, fuel represents a larger percentage of their cost base than for traditional airlines,” says Kiwi.

Ukraine, seventh most booked destination in 2021

In 2021, Ukraine was the seventh most booked destination in the world on Spain was third, behind only the United States and Italy, while Russia was tenth. Ukraine fell from 24th position in 2019: its growth had been remarkable despite the pandemic and now the war, of course, has held back this growth. Americans, Russians, Ukrainians and Italians were the nationalities that traveled the most last year (combined, almost half of total bookings worldwide (48.2%) were made by older travelers 26 to 40 years old).

Until the beginning of the conflict, the Ukrainians were, together with the Americans, the nationality that has made the most reservations on so far this year. After the United States, it is Spain that once again occupies a hegemonic position in the trips made and planned for this year. January, February and March have been the months that have accumulated the most reserves so far. Since the middle of March, Spain, Italy, the United States and the United Kingdom have led the bulk of bookings made by international travelers.

Good summer forecast

In anticipation of the summer, Spain, Italy, Greece, the United States and the United Kingdom are the most popular destinations, being the most far-sighted nationalities in their reserves, Americans, Germans and French. The most popular routes are Lima-Cuzco, Dublin-Zakynthos, London-Barcelona and Vienna-Palma de Mallorca, with an average transport cost of 361 euros. Data from indicates that Spaniards will mainly travel to Spain this summer, but also to Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and Greece. Barcelona-Palma de Mallorca, Malaga-London or Madrid-Paris are some of the most successful routes to travel between June and August. The average transport expenditure is around 261 euros.

Recommendations for traveling in Europe

The war in Ukraine is a cause for worldwide concern: safety and common sense should prevail when planning trips. The online travel agency assures that, “respecting the recommendations of the authorities”, you can travel across most of Europe except Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and Belarus. Countries like Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Czech Republic and Austria can be considered safe and therefore it is predictable that the number of their visitors will increase.

Some will have doubts about the travel situation in countries bordering Ukraine, such as Poland or Romania. In these cases, it is recommended to book accommodation in advance, as some parts of the hotel infrastructure may be for people fleeing the conflict. Hungary is open to travelers and remains safe; Slovakia too. On the other hand, tourism in the Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia also currently unaffected, although Lithuania has declared a state of emergencywhile Latvia and Estonia deployed additional troops to their borders with Belarus and Russia.

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