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In the telenovela “Unfaithful” the characters Asya and Derin they maintain a great rivalry which has given rise to several discussions and great confrontations for the love of the architect volcano. The sheer realism of the scenes has people wondering if the actors who star in this production get along as badly in real life as they do in fiction.

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Originally created as “Sadakatsiz“, the TV series”Unfaithful» presents the main roles of Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk Yes Melis Sezen. In fiction, they will be involved in a love triangle, the story of which will generate thousands of emotions among the audience.

Precisely, “Unfaithfultells the story of the marriage of Asya Yes volcano who will be ruined after a woman (Derin) gets in the way of their lives, damaging the years-long relationship. Ali, the couple’s son, will be the one to suffer the consequences of his parents’ separation.

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In “Unfaithful“insults, threats and plans to Derin versus Asya They never end, but the doctor doesn’t sit idly by and fights back as best she can. While volcanoat some point, puts the young woman in her place Güçlü.

But all this is only part of the fiction and the actors must comply with the script that falls to hand; however, after long hours of filming and when the lights and cameras go out, the Turkish artists forget about their characters and enjoy their great friendship.

Pictured are the actors playing Aras, Asya, Derin and Volkan (Photo: Cansu Dere/Instagram)


Cansu the, Caner Cindoruk Yes Melis Sezenprotagonists ofUnfaithful“, they have a good friendship in real life despite the fact that in the soap opera they have strong arguments, fights and even serious accidents.

The great realism of the scenes has made the three Turkish artists recognized as great professionals in the theater world. Added to this is its notoriety, which has grown both in Turkey and internationally.

Precisely, Cansu Dereactress who plays Asya shared some details about how the relationship with his colleagues is in “Unfaithful”. This happened -as indicated by sensacine- when he arrived in Spain.

I always get along very well with all the colleagues I have. With Caner, with Melis, the whole team gets along very well“, he expressed.

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Melis Sezen with Cansu Dere (Photo: Cansu Dere/Instagram)
Melis Sezen with Cansu Dere (Photo: Cansu Dere/Instagram)

But if they thought Melis Sezen Yes Cansu Dere they got along badly in real life like their characters Derin Yes Asya, respectively, are wrong, because they like to relax at times when they have no records. Even on social media, they were seen very smiling, showing that they have a great friendship.

For its part, Caner Cindoruk it also shows how well he gets along with his colleagues. Through some photographs and videos, the great friendship with the little actress was seen Yaren Vera Salma which gives life to Zeynep in fiction.

Yaren Vera Salma with actor Caner Cindoruk (Photo: Yaren Vera Salma/Instagram)
Yaren Vera Salma with actor Caner Cindoruk (Photo: Yaren Vera Salma/Instagram)

Melis Sezen He is also very fond of the girl and this is also reflected offscreen where the actress treats the minor with great love. This can also be seen on social networks where the actresses share many moments together.

Melis Sezen with the little girl who plays Zeynep in
Melis Sezen with the little girl who plays Zeynep in “Unfaithful” (Photo: Yaren Vera Salma / Instagram)


The story of “Unfaithfulrevolves around the family of Dr. Asya and her husband volcanowho apparently live in harmony with their youngest son Ali (Alp Akar); but all that peace comes to an end when the woman discovers that her partner had a two-year relationship with a young woman named Derin (Melis Sezen).

After discovering that she was living a lie, the doctor must choose whether she wants to continue with her marriage or get revenge on those who cheated on her, as well as the people who claimed to be her friends, but knew about her infidelity. volcano.

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Unfaithful is one of the most watched productions in Spain (Photo: Cansu Dere / Instagram)
Unfaithful is one of the most watched productions in Spain (Photo: Cansu Dere / Instagram)


  • Cansu Dere – Asya Yılmaz
  • Caner Cindoruk – Volkan Arslan
  • Melis Sezen – Derin Güçlü Arslan
  • Bennu Yıldırımlar – Asya Günalan
  • Burak Sergen – Haluk Güçlü
  • Ozge Ozder – Derya Samanli
  • Yeliz Kuvanci – Bahar Gelik
  • Mahmut Gokgöz – Altan Sayginer
  • Olcay Yusufoğlu – Serap Şenlik
  • Gözde Seda Altuner – Gönül Güçlü
  • Nazli Bulum – Nil Tetik
  • Tarık Emir Tekin – Selçuk Dağcı
  • Alp Akar – Ali Arslan
  • Meltem Baytok – Cavidan
  • Zerrin Nişanci – Nevin
  • Onur Berk Arslanoglu – Faruk Günçay

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Cansu Dere was born in Ankara on October 14, 1980, so in 2021. At first, his career planned to be different, as he studied Archeology at Istanbul University. He studied for two years, and in 2004 his life changed dramatically.

In this way, Dere planned to study and become an archaeologist until a modeling agency invited him to participate in the Miss Turkey, in 2000, and came in third place among the finalists. He began to work in important companies, but the performance It was another opportunity he didn’t miss in 2004.

His career has been shaped by television productions”Mother”, “Ezel”, “silla”, “Alacakaranlik”, “Guz Yangini”, “Ferhat sirin island“, among others. In 2018, he received an award from the Yıldız Technical University for Best Actress for her work in “Sahsiyet”. Whereas now, thanks to his interpretation of the Season 1 of “Infidels”was awarded in the same category in 2021.

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Melis Sezen is the Turkish actress who plays Derin in ‘Unfaithful’. The interpreter has a long career in the world of television and cinema. In addition, he held the lead role in a web series in 2019.

Born in Istanbul, Turkey on January 2, 1997, Melis Sezen comes from a Greek and Albanian family. On numerous occasions, the young woman has explained that her passion for the world of theater has accompanied her all her life, but that it has intensified since she was 12 years old.

Her mother noticed Melis’ enormous acting talent and enrolled her in a prestigious acting school to begin her training.

Melis Sezen made her television debut in 2016 with the Turkish drama “Hayat Bazen Tatlıdır”. After her, many projects came, both for cinema, for television, and to play in web series. MORE DETAILS HERE.

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