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Hunkar Yaman one of the characters who unleashes passions in “bitter earth“, by his strong character and that he always liked to fight, is embodied by Vahide Perçin, a woman who also knows the battles and he deserved it, no less, than cancer.

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Vahide Perçin, of Greek origin, plays one of the most famous characters of “Bir Zamanlar Çukurova”, who successfully crossed Turkish borders for his interesting and surprising plot full of love, intrigue, secrets and of crimes.

Precisely death came to the character, which unleashed love and hatred among the audience. The ‘Tierra Amarga’ actress’ departure, according to Turkish media, has to do with a new professional challenge she received from the same producer of the telenovela, but it’s not the first time she’s quit a project before that ends In 2011, at the best time of his career, he was pushed out of the spotlight for his health.

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Vahide Perçine is one of Turkey’s most recognized, loved and admired artists. And it’s not for less. In 2011 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and as part of this process and after overcoming it, she became an activist promoting annual tests to rule out the disease.

The actress was diagnosed with the disease in 2011, while recording the series “Feria’s secret”, which forced him to walk away from the set to seek treatment. Fortunately, after a year of fighting, she managed to overcome breast cancer.

They told her she was healthy. With this great news, she decided to return to the stage and change her personal life. Along with his return to the “El Sultán” series, in 2012 he began to participate in films that reached major film festivals. Then came “All for My Daughter”which was recorded between 2016 and 2017 in Turkey, then Tierra Amarga appeared.

A year after his return to recording and after 22 years of marriage, in 2014 he divorced Altan Gördüm, as he felt he had not given her the support she needed during her illness and all. throughout the recovery process. However, they have a good relationship and do projects together.

Vahide Perçine has become one of the Turkish actresses who most promotes the annual checks that women must undergo in order to detect this type of disease in time and thus save their lives. Vahide is currently single, ready to fall in love again.

Turkish actress Vahide Perçin beat cancer in a year (Photo: Haberler)


Percin plays a 60-year-old widow named Hunkar Yaman, known for her tenacious character and great presence. He lives for his ranch and his son Demir. His beloved property will serve as a refuge for the fugitive couple of Zuleyha and Yilmaz.


Vahide Perçin was born on June 13, 1965 in Izmir, Turkey. She is 56 years old and the daughter of Greek immigrants. He grew up in a modest family and his childhood was marked by the health problems suffered by his mother, who was a housewife, and the absence of his father, a truck driver who, because of his job, had no little time to be close to his family.

Her attraction to the artistic world led her to leave her studies at the Faculty of Economics to enroll in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Dokuz Eylül University, where she graduated top of her class. Some time later, he signed for the State Theater and moved to the city of Adana.

Her first role on the small screen was in the series ”Bir Istanbul Masalı”, where she played Suzan Kozan. Later, he continued with other roles in various series and films, until devoting himself as Zeynep Eğilmez, in the famous novel “Mother”. She is divorced and has a daughter named Alize Gördüm, who is also an actress. MORE DETAILS HERE.


bitter earth» focuses on the story of a legendary love, which begins in Istanbul in the 1970s and continues in the land of Çukurova. The couple of lovers Züleyha and Yılmaz decide to hide their identity and leave Istanbul because of the murder committed by Yilmaz to protect his beloved from sexual assault.

Fate takes them to Çukurova, more precisely in the city of Adana, where they decide to stay and work on the farm of Hünkar Yaman and his son Demir, who will fall in love with the young woman without knowing that her heart belongs to Yilmaz. To maintain their anonymity, the two lovers decide to pass themselves off as brothers in front of local society. It will change their lives forever.

While in the following episodes, after losing the two men in her life, Züleyha has to move on with her children. On his new path, he finds a new love and other enemies that threaten his happiness.

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