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Tour of Italy 2022 | Fernando Gaviria regrets the absence of Maximiliano Richeze

Fernando Gaviria adds a total of 48 wins to his tally since entering road cycling around 2015. The Colombian arrived with a bang and from the start he explained why, little by little, he earned the nickname of El Misil’. The Colombian has proven to be one of the quickest in the peloton, but it’s all thanks to a teammate who you could even call his brother, the Argentinian Maximiliano Richeze.

Together they reaped a great number of triumphs. Thanks to the time they were able to share in the different teams in which they were, the two know each other inside out and their connection has been the perfect formula for Gaviria to be one of the great protagonists in the various races in which they participate, with Richeze as the thrower and Gaviria as the sprinter.

This was reflected in stage 5 of the Giro d’Italia 2022, between Catania and Messina, a place the Colombian remembers well, because it was where He added his second victory, of the five he has in this Grand Tour, in 2017. However, unfortunately for him and his team, on this occasion he had to settle for second place, because it is finally the Frenchman Arnaud Démare (Groupama-FDJ) who wins.

Gaviria couldn’t hide his frustration at the finish line and, although there were several reasons that he considers to have deprived him of the stage podium, is aware that the absence of Richeze has a lot to do with it: “We didn’t have Richeze because a kilometer from the end the chain came loose and we couldn’t do anything,” he said. THE WEEK the corridor of La Ceja, Antioquia.

Moreover, the Colombian was quite frustrated precisely because he wants to win and ‘to feel his legs and try to fight it and lose, I don’t like that’, added the Emirati.

It is not for nothing that Gaviria underlines the absence of its partner in these important instances. Although Richeze’s work is rarely featured and it is the stage winner who gets all the spotlight from the camerasthere is no doubt that without sound partner, Gaviria wouldn’t be what he is today, one of the most recognized packers in the world.

And it is that as a pitcher, Richeze, who will be part of the team’s payroll until the conclusion of the Giro d’Italia 2022, is the one who does all the “dirty work”. That is to say, who acts as a gregarious and the one who paves the way for the sprinter so that he has a clear path and can finish with all his might in the last meters. However, on this occasion, the Argentinian’s bike failed him and the consequences were felt at the finish point.

Now that stage 5 is complete, Gaviria, with his team, They need to turn the page and think about what’s to come. The 105th edition of the Giro d’Italia still has several stages in which this duo will have a new opportunity to achieve this long-awaited victory that the Colombian has been waiting for several years.

Where did the relationship between Maximiliano Richeze and Fernando Gaviria originate?

The Colombian rider, let’s remember, began his professional career in track cycling with the Coldeportes-Claro team. A modality in which the stopwatch is the worst enemy of cyclists. Here Gaviria also achieved a large number of victories in the different events in which he participated and, although he continues to participate in this type of competition from time to time, he only does so when he has to put on the Colombian uniform.

In the course, the first team that trusted him was Quick-Step from Belgium and over the years he becomes the main packer of this team where he will meet the Argentinian Richeze and with whom he will manage to create a bond that will lead him to the glory of cycling.

For the time being, both are focused on doing their best to get Gaviria out of that thorn that got stuck in the Giro d’Italia, since in recent years he has been unlucky, being repeatedly attacked by covid-19, as well as some falls he has suffered.

Richeze is your best ally, already with Juan Sebastián Molano failed to be as gregarious as he expected and, in addition, Álvaro Hodeg, who arrived to do the job for Richeze, was unable to make his debut with the United Arab Emirates due to a serious injury he suffered, after a car ran him over while training on his bike with his brother one day before starting his vacation.

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