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Giro Italia 2: Simon Yates beats Van der Poel

Writing / Cycle 21

just an amazing Simon Yachts prevented the second consecutive victory of Mathieu Van der Poel in his first Tour of Italy. The British of BikeExchange The Australian won the technical and short individual time trial in Budapest with 3 seconds ahead of the Dutchman from Alpecin who keeps his pink jersey. Adam’s brother had only won one time trial before in the Paris-Nice 2019but his success confirms his favoritism for Verona with his form incubated in the Tour of Asturiaswhere he won the first and last stage, but not overall, failing on Holly’s day.

In so few kilometers in the Hungarian capital the differences could not be very big. Something that almost gives a historic double to the Son of Adrie and grandson of Poulidor who tried to take advantage of his freshness, his form, his rosy motivation and his skill in complicated terrain, with curves -the sediment of cyclocross- to give a new demonstration of his class, but he ended up with an inspired Yates – another adept as a former world punctuation champion – who lands a first hit on the board before all his rivals.

Five seconds later, the Dutch champion and Olympic medalist, Tom Dumoulinwho did not have time to test the harness because while recording the best provisional time, the Yates launch entered, once again leaving the fragile leader of the Jumbo in dismay, who will have to show if he is capable of repeating his overall victory from five years ago in 2017.

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Profile of the 3rd stage © Giro


2021 edition: Egan Bernal






Simon Yates at the start © Giro

Simon Yachts: “It is without a doubt my best victory in a time trial. Of course, I’m very happy. It’s a bit unexpected. I rode as fast as possible, also on the flat. I never had confidence in winning until Mathieu van der Poel crossed the finish line. Today was a 10 minute effort. There are still many more to come. Of course, you still have this belief that you can win, and in the end I managed to hang on. We’re going to celebrate today, it’s one of only two time trials I’ve won and the first of a Grand Tour, so we’re going to enjoy today, but I think we have to look at the bigger picture.”

Mathieu Van der Poel: “I would have signed this performance before the start. I did a very good time trial. The difference with the first place is very close. I still have a day in the pink jersey, maybe more because tomorrow should be a sprint finish, and I’m very happy about that.”

Tom Dumoulin: “I gave it my all, but unfortunately I didn’t have good legs. It was a good time trial, but not what I expected. On a course like this, you have to develop all the speed possible and hope that there is enough left for the climb. Unfortunately it didn’t work because on the way up I felt like I had exploded. He was there to win, so it’s disappointing that he didn’t. On the other hand, I felt good and strong. In any case, it is a result that I can take advantage of.

João Almeida: “It was a very good time trial. I lost 18 seconds to the first rider, Simon Yates, I think that’s not bad for me. The objective in these first days is to regain a good feeling, not to waste time with my main opponents, at least not too much, and then we will make an initial assessment. I felt good and I think it was a good course with technical sections and a hilly finish. I didn’t want to crash in the corners, and in the end I felt solid, so that’s positive.”

Romain Bardet: “It’s a good moment especially because I thought I was going to struggle, especially because I was not in the rhythm at the start, I was almost late at the start. I saw that I lost a lot of time in the first corners, I was not happy at all, I was a little blurry, but I felt that I had power when I had to attack on the flat, so it’s a good sign . The feeling is good, although it’s hard to say because we haven’t done much yet. Form was good a fortnight ago, there’s no reason for it to go away.”

Vincenzo Nibali: “The feelings are good. I don’t know if a straight or explosive time trial is better, because the effort was really huge. I defended myself well against the specialists, I don’t know the times of the others, but I’m satisfied with my pace. The corners were quite ugly and also slippery, but I tried to make them as clean as possible, without risking too much, and I think the weather is good. Yesterday the finish did not suit me, I tried to defend myself, I kept my position well, but we all know that the Giro is hard and long. Let’s keep our feet on the ground and try to get the best out of ourselves. First you have to feel good, then you’ll see. On paper there are much better riders, we are in the second stage, so we have to keep going and try to get the most out of it. Definitely a mountain stage. In the past, I’ve always been at my best in week three, when all the levels flatten out and the runner comes out. So I’m confident, let’s see how it goes.”

1st: Mr. Van der Poel (leader Mr. Van der Poel)

Points TOP Cycle 21: Pello Bilbao, 8 (first Spanish stage GV); Oier Lazkano, 4 (first under 26)






1, Carapaz, Richard
2, Castroviejo, Jonathan
3, Tulette, Ben
4, Narvaez, Jhonnatan
5 Door, Richie
6, Puccio, Salvatore
7, Sivakov, Pavel
8 Swift, Ben

11, Vendrame, Andrea
12, Calmejane, Lillian
13, Cherel, Mikael
14, Gall, Felix
15, Hanninen, Jaakko
16, Naesen, Lawrence
17, Peters, Nans
18, Prodhomme, Nicholas

21, van der Poel, Matthew
22 years old, Bayer, Tobias
23, De Bondt, Dries
24, Krieger, Alexander
25, Leysen, Senne
26, Mareczko, Jakub
27 years old, Oldani, Stefano
28, Riesebeek, Oscar

31, Nibali, Vincenzo
32, Conti, Valerio
33, De La Cruz, David
34, Dombrowski, Joe
35 years old, Felline, Fabius
36, Lopez, Miguel Angel
37, Pronsky, Vadim
38, Tejada, Harold

41, Bilbao, Pello
42, Bauhaus, Phil
43, Buitrago, Santiago
44, Landa, Mikel
45, Novak, Domen
46, Poels, Wout
47, Sutterlin, Jacha
48, Tratnik, Jan.

51 years old, Zana, Filippo
52, Rastelli, Luca
53, Covili, Luca
54, Fiorelli, Filippo
55, Gabburo, Davide
56, Modolo, Sasha
57, Tonelli, Alessandro
58, Zoccarato, Samuele

61, Kelderman, Wilco
62, Aleotti, Giovanni
63, Benedetti, Cesare
64, Buchmann, Emmanuel
65 years old, Gamper, Patrick
66 years old, Hindley, Jay
67, Kamna, Lennard
68, Zwiehoff, Ben

71, Martin, William
72, Cimolai, Davide
73, Consonni, Simone
74 Kreder Wesley
75, Perez, Anthony
76, Perichon, Pierre-Luc
77, Rochas, Remy
78, Villella, Davide

81, Thesfazion, Natnael
82, Bais, Mattia
83, Cépéda, Alexandre
84, Zardini, Edoardo
85, Ponomar, Andrii
86, Ravanelli, Simone
87, Tagliani, Filippo
88, Sepulveda, Eduardo

91, Cort, Magnus
92, Camargo, Diego
93, Carr, Simon
94, Carthy, Hugues
95, Van Den Berg, Julius
96 Doull Owain
97, Caicedo, Jonathan
98, Kudus, Merhawi

101, Fortunato, Lorenzo
102, Albanian, Vincenzo
103, Bais, Davide
104, Hindrance, Erik
105, Gavazzi, Francesco
106, Maestri, Mirco
107, Rivi, Samuele
109, Rosa, Diego

111, Demare, Arnaud
112, Davy, Clement
113, Guarnieri, Jacopo
114, Konovalovas, Ignatas
115, Ludvigsson, Tobias
116 Scotson Miles
117, Sinkeldam, Ramon
118, Valter, Attila

121, Girmay, Biniam
122, De Gendt, Loved
123, Hirt, Jan.
124, Peak, Barnabas
125, Vliegen, Loic
126, Pozzovivo, Domenico
127, Rota, Lawrence
128, Taaramae, Rein

131, Nizzolo, Giacomo
132, Biermans, Jenthe
133 Brandle Matthias
134 Cataford, Alexander
135, De Marchi, Alessandro
136, Dowsett, Alex
137, Hollenstein, Challenge
138, Zabel, Rick

141, Dumoulin, Tom
142, Affini, Edoardo
143, Bouwman, Koen
144, Eenkhoorn, Pascal
145 Foss Tobias
146, Leemreize, Gijs
147, Ooman, Sam
148, Van Emden, Jos

151, Ewan, Caleb
152, Selig, Rüdiger
153, Vanhoucke, Harm
154, De Gendt, Thomas
155, Holmes, Matthew
156, Kluge, Roger
157, Moniquet, Sylvain
158, Schwarzmann, Michael

161, Valverde, Alexander
162, Arcas, Jorge
163, Barta, William
164, Lazkano, Oier
165, Pedro, Antonio
166, Rojas, Jose Joaquin
167, Samitier, Sergio
168, Sosa, Ivan

171 Cavendish Mark
172, Knox, James
173, Ballerini, Davide
174 Serry Stone
175, Schmid, Mauro
176, Van Lerberghe, Bert
177, Morkov, Michael
178, Vansevenant, Mauri

181, Yachts, Simon
182 Craddock Lawson
183, Hamilton, Lucas
184, Hepburn, Michael
185, Howson, Damian
186, Juul-Jensen, Christopher
187, Scotson, Callum
188, Sombrero, Matteo

191, Bardet, Roman
192 Arensman, Thymen
193, Bol, Cees
194, Combaud, Romain
195, Dainese, Albert
196, Denz, Nico
197, Hamilton, Chris
198, Tusveld, Martijn

201, Ciccone, Giulio
202, Cataldo, Dario
203, Skjelmose Jensen, Mattias
204, Lopez, Juan Pedro
205, Mollema, Bauke
206, Fly, Jacopo
207, Theuns, Edward
208, Vergaerde, Otto

211, Almeida, Joao
212, Oliveira, Rui
213, Coast, Rui
214, Covi, Alessandro
215, Formolo, Davide
216, Gaviria, Fernando
217, Richèze, Maximilian
218, Ulissi, Diego

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