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Italian Cup: Lautaro, from anger to glory, and the sad farewell of Dybala from Juventus

They are both wearing the t-shirt. No. 10, both made gestures of displeasure to the technicians when they were replaced and live opposite moments in their teams. While Lautaro Martinez completed by the Italian Cup clover of crowns (Series A and Super Cup) in the calcium, paulo dybala start saying goodbye to Juventus with a season without a title for the first time out of the seven he will complete in Vecchia Signora.

The Inter champions podium, with glass and champagne

Hot ending in a basket Rome Olympic, where a few meters away there is the sound of rackets with the Tennis Open. Inter beat Juventus 4-2 in extra time, in a scenario similar to the Italian Super Cup last January, when Alexis Sánchez made it 2-1 in the last breath of the 120. This time the figure in extension was the Croatian. Ivan Perisic, author of the 3-2 with a penalty and 4-2 with a formidable strike from the left in the angle.

Great Inter party, which still gives fight to retain the Serie A title (He is two points behind leaders Milan, with two dates left to play). In this greening of laurels lately, Inter have lifted the Italian Cup after 11 years and will win a prize of seven million euros. The last time was in 2011, with a goal of Diego Milito in a 3-1 in Palermo.

Inter 4 Highlights – Juventus 2

Lautaro had been decisive with two goals to eliminate Milan in the semi-finals. His performance in the final didn’t matter. Without a penalty shootout, not much came into play. Nor did his side help him much, who, after taking the lead after six minutes with a superb goal from Nicholas Barella, he gave up pitch and ball and was overpowered by dominating Juventus, who had turned the tide with goals from Alex Sandro and Dusan Vlahovic, well assisted by Dybala in a counterattack.

Inter resurfaced as they appeared to be heading for defeat. did it with a penalty that Lautaro fabricated taking advantage of the recklessness of Leonard Bonucci. The leg entanglement was sanctioned by the referee and ratified by VAR. Turkey’s Calhanoglu executed it with a big pecking order on the corner.

Dybala finishes with a left foot against Dzeko's opposition
Dybala finishes with a left foot against Dzeko’s oppositionISABELLE BONOTTO – AFP

Extra time was coming, but a minute before the end of the 90s, Lautaro has been replaced by Alexis Sánchez. He is a usual decision by coach Simone Inzaghi, who replaced him in 23 of the League’s 26 games. And it is also often the Bahiense leaves upset, muttering a few grunts and with a fiery look. He left the field without a shot on goal, also proof of Inter’s poor attacking output, in which Edin Dzeko also found no room for his lunges.

What was left of Lautaro’s energy consumed him waving from the area around the bench. The temperature rose in added time after another penalty, the one committed by De Ligt on De Vrij, checked by the referee on the VAR monitor. Calhanoglu was gone and Perisic took over with an impeccable shot. Lautaro encouraged, shouted and also quarreled with the Juventus bench, complaining to the referee. Between shouts and threats, the coach Massimiliano Allegri was expelled.

Lautaro escapes the mark of Alex Sandro;  the attacker did not complete the goal, but generated a penalty
Lautaro escapes the mark of Alex Sandro; the attacker did not complete the goal, but generated a penaltyFILIPPO MONTEFORTE – AFP

Lautaro’s tense gesture then relaxed with the festivities. In just under a year held three local titles in a club which has dragged on a great drought and which financially must adjust the belt. In this need to lower the budget, the name of Lautaro always appears as a possible profitable transfer to earn cash. More than once it appeared that Diego Simeon Requirement Madrid athlete. However, a few hours before the final, the president steven zhang ensured that financial viability was not dependent on a big sell-off, as happened last season with Romelu Lukaku. The leader has promised that the campus will remain.

The back Lautaro was Dybala, with a better game than the ex-Racing, but his contribution was not enough to pull Juventus out of a decline that has worsened this season. The Cordouan will leave with 12 titles -among them, four Italian cups-, but for the first time in seven years in the old lady finish a course without getting on the podium. In the final, he was active, linking the halfway line with attack, and goalkeeper Handanovic, one of the stars of the game, fired two shots at him. He booked Brozovic and waved his arms to wake up the fans.

Dybala maneuvers between Lautaro and Barella
Dybala maneuvers between Lautaro and BarellaFILIPPO MONTEFORTE – AFP

An incredulous smile crossed Dybala’s face when he saw that Moise Kean replaced him 9 minutes from the first stage of the extra. He is already beginning to see himself on the outside; he only has two games left (Lazio and Fiorentina) because bianconero, where he left a mark of quality and also frequently fell into the abyss of muscle injuries. Before the meeting, Pavel Nedved, The sports director of Juventus, had spoken of the decision not to renew his contract: “We have assessed all aspects, on and off the field. Their (financial) requirements were very high, the paths separated. I’m not saying he’s not a good player, quite the contrary. It’s very good”. The other reason the club used at the time was also related to sport, with Vlahovic as a new reference for the attack.

Those who manage the career of Dybala (28) remain secret about his future. They don’t echo any of the rumors about their next club, they will wait until the end of the season. Among them was Inter, which is living its hours of glory after years of disenchantment.

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