What do Spanish companies offer to retain talent?

Retaining certain professional profiles is becoming more and more complicated, especially in the technology sector. Companies are struggling to attract the best workers and prevent their own from leaving, and the situation is reaching such a point that some SMEs are seeing their business continuity threatened because they are unable to hire experienced employees. Faced with this prospect, some companies that cannot afford to pay higher wages have opted for an alternative that is also in the interest of workers and which is generally cheaper: offering increasingly varied social benefits.

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Save myself or save others? A journey to the future

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Hotels in Catalonia to go with children

If you are planning a family getaway through Catalan lands, here is our selection with some of the best establishments, from the mountains to the coast. With the arrival of holidays or long bridges, many families ask themselves a question: where can we travel or escape with the children? And if you ask “those little … Read more

How are travelers emerging after the pandemic?

Covid-19 has changed many things and some threaten to become habits that will remain even when this period of restrictions and confinements is just a memory. One of the sectors most affected by everything they have experienced since the arrival of the coronavirus is tourism, which has hardly known a moment of respite between confinements, … Read more