Protesters deface the Chanel store in Moscow with Nazi graffiti after a boycott of a luxury fashion brand in Russia

Pro-Putin vandals in Moscow have put up stickers comparing fashion brand Chanel to Adolf Hitler in protest against the company’s boycott of Russia. The youths were seen vandalizing Chanel’s Moscow flagship store on Stoleshnikov Lane earlier today after similar exposures in Paris stores this week. Chanel has closed its Russian stores in solidarity with Ukraine … Read more

A smart future: Dubai’s annual investment meeting aims for sustainable growth

The Annual Dubai Investment Meeting (AIM) is an initiative of the UAE Ministry of Finance to provide a forum for global exchange on international investment and growth policies. The platform aspires to drive positive transformation by creating investment opportunities. The eleventh edition of AIM was opened by Abdullah bin Touq Al Marri, Minister of Economy … Read more

The Uruguayan Minister of Economy has been voted “best minister of state” in the world by a global NGO

Uruguay’s Minister of Economy and Finance, Azucena Arbeleche, received the Best Minister of State award from the Organization of the World Summit of Governments Photos: Ministry of Economy and Finance The World Government Summit Organization (WGSO) is a global, neutral, not-for-profit organization dedicated to shaping “the future of government”. At its annual meeting in Dubai, … Read more

Political lessons from the war in Ukraine (V)

Addressing the last conceptual point to enlighten the reader on the consequences of the war in Ukraine, we must define the impact of this conflict on the strategic companies, existing in each country, throughout the world. From the outset, it is necessary to clarify that for a company to be strategic, there must be a … Read more