Spain remains among the preferences of the main emitters

Spain maintains a strong image as a destination for travelers from Germany, with high consideration rates, both when considering holidays and when booking, approaching those recorded before the COVID-19 pandemic . Likewise, our country continues to establish itself as the preferred enclave of the British market, with indices of consideration, travel intention and security above … Read more

Astronomer Theodoros Nakos in Puerto de Ideas: “It is utopian to think that science can be excluded from reality”

On December 25, 2021, the James Webb Space Telescope (JSWT) was launched into space, a space observatory that was developed through the collaboration of twenty countries and jointly built and operated by NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency. The telescope is located 1.5 million kilometers from Earth in the direction away … Read more

A powerful earthquake shakes Turkey and Greece; Several deaths and hundreds of injuries reported.

First modification: 30/10/2020 – 16:34 The earthquake was felt in several Turkish cities, mainly in the province of Izmir, where at least 26 deaths and the collapse of a dozen buildings were reported. In Greece, they confirmed the death of two other people and warned of major material damage on the island of Samos. So … Read more

what happened to its users

On average, each resident of Ualá digitized $65,000 last year. “Among the trends, it is evident that the majority have done so for making face-to-face and virtual purchases (including subscriptions to digital services) and payment for services (such as electricity, gas, cellphones and transportation),” they said. said the company, which points to providing financial services … Read more

Colombia will participate from this Thursday in the first valid UCI Nations Cup

This Thursday, April 21, another version of the 2022 UCI TISSOT Nations Cup will start in Glasgow (Scotland), valid until Sunday, April 24, with the participation of 384 cyclists who are part of the preliminary list, which must be confirmed by their federations or professional teams. The first round of the 2022 UCI TISSOT Nations … Read more

Demonstrations against police violence in Greece with strong riots in Athens | Mundua

Incidents in the Greek capital after a demonstration against the latest police attacks that took place on Tuesday. (Louisa GOULIAMAKI | AFP) A massive protest against police brutality led to a pitched battle in Athens on Tuesday between protesters and police, in which several people were injured. The altercations took place in the Nea Smyrni … Read more

Climate and children, Greece… Friday news

UNHCR denounces the dire situation in refugee centers on the Greek islands UNHCR is calling on the Greek authorities to resolve the situation of thousands of migrants and refugees on the Aegean islands, where the situation threatens “to reach a boiling point”. The case of the center of Moria, on the island of Lesbos, is … Read more

Spanish capital of administrative digitization with a forum that will bring together CIOs from each region

Related News They are at the origin of the digitization strategies and systems of each of the seventeen Autonomous Communities: These are the CIOs (Chief Information Officers). The key issues of cybersecurity and the modernization of the procedures that citizens must take with the Administration depend on their work. This Wednesday and Thursday, for the … Read more