Opinion: Greece, after its bailout, cannot miss this second chance | European | D.W.

For eight years, the European Union has shown enormous solidarity, and that great achievements are possible, together. The recovery of Greece, despite all the mistakes made and the difficulties that the Greek people had to endure, is a success for the European Union and, in particular, for the countries of the euro zone. When in … Read more

Ukraine defies new ultimatum in Mariupol; Russia would have taken the Kreminna

In the strategic port of Mariupol, Ukrainian forces resist inside a huge steelworks where they once again reject the new ultimatum given by Moscow to surrender and lay down their arms on April 19 at noon local time. Meanwhile, the governor of the Lugansk region assured that the city of Kreminna was taken by Russian … Read more

Russia launches offensive in Donbass and also punishes western Ukraine

The Russian army has already launched the long-awaited final offensive in Donbass three weeks after withdrawing from northern kyiv, while the punitive operation continued yesterday against other parts of Ukraine, such as Lviv, where at least seven civilians were killed. In addition, Russian troops hoisted the tricolor flag on the building of the town hall … Read more

The Canadian Pizza That A Greek Invented And The President Of Iceland Wanted To Ban

In 1962, Sotirios, ‘Sam’, Panopoulos use pineapple jam to decorate a round of cheese and York ham: the Hawaiian pizza is born I am writing for the first time about a preparation that I do not like, It is consumed massively in Australia, which the Icelandic president asked for a ban in 2017 (jokingly or … Read more

The price of plane tickets has increased by 21.2% since the start of the war

Airfares have risen 21.2% worldwide since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, according to the online travel company Kiwi, which assures that Spain manages to overcome the impact of the crisis since the international reserves place it as one of the most requested destinations for the summer season, along with Italy, Greece and … Read more

Ethiopia: From Welfare State to Failed State

13 December, 2021 • Africa, Articles, Coverage • Views: 1102 The weather GreeceGonzalez Gomez December 2021 Ethiopia is the core of the levels of tension experienced by the Horn of Africa, it has a very particular characteristic in terms of internal organization, its politico-territorial system is ethno-federal, that is to say that it has ten … Read more