Full list of countries with no Covid travel restrictions, including Mexico, Jamaica and Sweden

Effortless holidays outside the UK have been virtually impossible for the past couple of years as the Covid pandemic has kept the world in check. Covid testing, quarantine, vaccination passports and many different travel restrictions depending on which country you are traveling to have naturally led many people to travel abroad for business and pleasure. … Read more

his resort at 4,700 euros per night

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Emirates increases flights to Maldives and Seychelles

Emirates has announced it will increase services to the Maldives and Seychelles, popular holiday destinations, ahead of Easter. From March 28, the airline will offer its customers 28 weekly flights to Malé and seven weekly flights to Mahé. The added services respond to market demand and will provide customers with more flexibility, choice and connectivity … Read more

Full list of countries with no government travel restrictions, including Mexico, Jamaica and Sweden

With the government epidemic taking over the world, a hassle-free holiday anywhere in the UK for the past two years has been impossible. Government controls, isolation, vaccination passports and different travel restrictions depending on the country you are visiting prevent many people from traveling abroad for business or pleasure. But the worst coronavirus outbreak is … Read more

World Cup | All you need to know about accommodation in Qatar 2022: how much does it cost and how to book?

The World Cup is in less than eight months! The expectation of all the fans is growing day by day and many of them are beginning to assess the costs to go to Qatar to attend the mega sporting event that will kick off on Monday 21 November and the decisive match will be played … Read more