Tomeu Bennasar takes stock of the first year of Soltour Travel Partners

How does Soltour Travel Partners coordinate with Viajes El Corte Inglés tour operators?The merger between Grupo Logitravel and Viajes El Corte Inglés is in progress, it follows a series of stages and in these stages we see how we are going to organize and connect the different tour operators that we are. VECI has vacation … Read more

Constanza Araya joins María Luisa Godoy, Lisandra Silva and more: Celebrities who will become parents in 2022

While last year 2021 was a year in which many national celebrities celebrated the arrival of new members to their families, it continues to be a trend in 2022, with Constanza Araya being the latest to confirm her pregnancy, thus joining Fernando Godoy; Lysander Silva and Raúl Peralta; Christian Arriagada, Maria Luisa Godoy and Matías … Read more

Six Senses reveals the 2022 luxury megatrends

Six Senses, with Oahsis Consulting -as commercial representation in Spain-, is organizing the Road-Show Spain 2022 this week. This promotional tour, which stops in Barcelona and Madrid, presents to specialized travel agencies and tour operators in the luxury segment the novelties of the extraordinary proposal of hotels, resorts and spas of the Six Senses brand. … Read more

Vaccine tourism: a double-edged sword

Vaccine tourism is a “double-edged sword”, warn analysts at GlobalData. it’s true that it can help restart of tourism in some destinations, but it also raises the question of vaccine equity not only within these countries, but also in relation to each other. This type of tourism The gap between those who have money and … Read more

The Germans will spend the winter in their country… but also in Spain

This summer, bookings from Germany to their favorite sun and beach destinations they were 59% below 2019 figureswith Spain being the country that accounted for 30% of packages or combined services booked through the end of August, followed by Greece (27.4%) and Turkey (2.7%), according to TDA data (Travel data + analytics) cited by Turespaña. … Read more

UNWTO: international tourist arrivals worldwide more than doubled (+130%) in January 2022 compared to 2021

The World Tourism Organization reported that according to the latest available data, international tourist arrivals worldwide more than doubled (+130%) in January 2022 compared to 2021: the 18 million most registered visitors in the world in the first month of this year equals the total increase recorded over the whole of 2021. Although these figures … Read more

Tomorrow begins WTM Latin America

Event that takes place from April 5 to 7 at the Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo, marking the opening of the calendar of major tourist events in Latin America. Commercial relations, connection, qualified content, reflection, establishment of alliances and business realization: these are some of the expressions attributed to WTM Latin America by the … Read more

Tourism, the other victim of the war in Europe

What Russia, the largest country in the world, is at war, has consequences of all kinds and in all areas, including in tourism. Globally – declining reserves, rising fuel, inflation, fear – and most importantly, in Russian tourism as an outbound and inbound market. After travel came to a screeching halt during the pandemic, Russians … Read more