A powerful earthquake shakes Turkey and Greece; Several deaths and hundreds of injuries reported.

First modification: 30/10/2020 – 16:34 The earthquake was felt in several Turkish cities, mainly in the province of Izmir, where at least 26 deaths and the collapse of a dozen buildings were reported. In Greece, they confirmed the death of two other people and warned of major material damage on the island of Samos. So … Read more

After a two-year ban, hugs return to Disneyland

Special for New York Times Infobae. ANAHEIM, Calif. — On Monday morning, as the smell of cinnamon rolls and sunscreen wafted through the spring air of Disneyland, Rory Sutherland threw himself onto the sidewalk and threw what can only be described like a tantrum. I was ready to receive a hug from Mickey Mouse; More … Read more

Trip to the village of Corleone

“They went on a town hunt and Coppola cast me as Michael Corleone’s stepmother because he said I was the prettiest in the place,” he exclaims. laughing Vincenza Cicala, 84, in the hallway of her house in Savoca, the hilltop village in Sicily where scenes of The Godfather in 1971. Coronavirus has emptied this beautiful … Read more

what happened to its users

On average, each resident of Ualá digitized $65,000 last year. “Among the trends, it is evident that the majority have done so for making face-to-face and virtual purchases (including subscriptions to digital services) and payment for services (such as electricity, gas, cellphones and transportation),” they said. said the company, which points to providing financial services … Read more

The situation is complicated in Machu Picchu: Two thousand tourists blocked and the railways still blocked

Le Mincetur reported the transfer of 3,500 tourists to Cusco, but did not specify whether the transfer from Aguas Calientes had been carried out. | Photo: Andean the 48-hour strike called in the Cusco region This not only meant a total paralysis of tourism, but also a blow to the economy of the region, because … Read more

Colombia will participate from this Thursday in the first valid UCI Nations Cup

This Thursday, April 21, another version of the 2022 UCI TISSOT Nations Cup will start in Glasgow (Scotland), valid until Sunday, April 24, with the participation of 384 cyclists who are part of the preliminary list, which must be confirmed by their federations or professional teams. The first round of the 2022 UCI TISSOT Nations … Read more

Discover the best place to see the Northern Lights in the United States

A winter trip to Voyageurs National Park is not for everyone. But tourists who venture into Minnesota’s only national park — one of the least visited in the country — are rewarded in the colder months with views of the best Northern Lights in the United States. The light show can be seen when the … Read more

Audi urbansphere concept. Travel at full speed through the big city

The Ingolstadt firm has just completed the trilogy of prototypes it announced almost a year ago with this sensational Audi urbansphere concept. This futuristic creature now arrives to join the already well-known Audi skysphere concept and Audi grandsphere concept, forming a family of prototypes that will lay the groundwork for the development of the German … Read more