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8 years without the World Cup, big losses and exodus of stars

Related News disaster in Italy. The Azzura not only will not be in the Qatar 2022 World Cup but he couldn’t even fight for his ticket to the playoff final. A Macedonian goal Trajkovsky in the discount definitely woke the Italian team from the dream they had been in since months ago they had been … Read more

Turkey: The Turkish lira regains its value at the beginning of the month after the announcement of compensation for savers | Economy

If Turkish soap operas have accustomed us to a roller coaster of emotions per episode, the currency of the new soap opera homeland has decided to follow a similar scenario: after depreciating by 10%, reaching new lows on Monday, it recovered 60% of its value overnight – the lira’s biggest rise in four decades – … Read more

Was Christopher Columbus Spanish, Italian or Portuguese? The keys to your authentic nationality

East October 12, Hispanic Heritage Dayis celebrated on discovery of America by Christopher Columbus in 1942. The protagonist of this story is known for died May 20, 1506 in Valladolid and what is a iconic Navigator, cartographer Yes admiral. However, it is surrounded by mystery which has not yet been resolved: its true origin. The … Read more

Fleet Week Returns to New York After Two Years

The United States Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard will return to New York for “The Fleet Week” after two years of hosting the event virtually. Several ships and nearly 3,000 Sailors and Marines will visit the five boroughs, marking the start of summer and New York City’s continued recovery from the pandemic. This morning … Read more

Barcelona naval bridge to send gas to Italy

A naval bridge between Barcelona and La Spezia to send liquefied gas to Italy. Small LNG carriers to transport fuel from the large tanks of the port of Barcelona to the Panigaglia regasification plant, located a few kilometers from the port of La Spezia (Liguria), whose quays cannot accommodate large ships. Panigaglia’s facilities are old. … Read more