Goodbye to Jean-Paul Fitoussi, the French economist who supported Argentina’s debt negotiation

At the end of the 20th century, the French economist and thinker Jean-Paul Fitoussi launched a diagnosis that liquidated any projection of welfare in the short and medium term future: “Today there is a lack of future: the children will have a less good destiny than that of their parents”. Its economic vision of the … Read more

Argentinian family wraps up 22-year trip around the world | PICTURES

The Zap Family takes a trip to the five continents for 22 years, where he traveled 362,000 kilometers and became convinced that “humanity is wonderful”. The adventure culminated in Argentina and was accompanied by a car from the year 1928. The city of Gualeguaychú, on the border of Argentina and Uruguay, is one of the … Read more

7 gadgets you should keep unplugged

the light saving It becomes relevant due to inflation and rising natural gas and energy prices, for which you will see a significant increase in your utility bills this year. Find out how to reduce your electricity bill It can be as simple as researching which equipment is costing you the most in terms of … Read more