Tierra amarga: weekly program of Züleyha by Antena 3, from April 18 to 22 | Spain | Turkish soap operas | nnda nnlt | FAME

What are your schedules ?bitter earth”? For this week the hit Turkish soap opera brings a batch of chapters full of surprises that will captivate audiences from start to finish. This Ottoman drama is broadcast on Antena 3, in Spain. Between April 18 and 22, the excitement will reach unexpected levels as Zuleyha He decides … Read more

Bitter Land Chapter 122 ONLINE via YouTube and ATV: How and What Time to Watch Züleyha’s New Episode | Bir Zamanlar Cukurova | Turkish soap operas | Turkey | FAME

How to see “bitter earth” in Turkey? This week, “Bir Zamanlar Çukurova” (in its original language) will present, via ATV, the 122nd episode of its fourth season. How to watch the Thursday, February 3 chapter online? Here’s everything you need to know about the Ottoman drama that’s become a bona fide TV phenomenon not just … Read more