Colombia will participate from this Thursday in the first valid UCI Nations Cup

This Thursday, April 21, another version of the 2022 UCI TISSOT Nations Cup will start in Glasgow (Scotland), valid until Sunday, April 24, with the participation of 384 cyclists who are part of the preliminary list, which must be confirmed by their federations or professional teams. The first round of the 2022 UCI TISSOT Nations … Read more

Dubai Expo: Colombia’s objectives, plan and agenda at the fair | Government | Economy

dubai exhibition, It is one of the most important massive events for global economic reactivation in which Colombia will be presented as a destination ideal for exports, foreign direct investment and international tourism. Next Friday, October 1, the President of the Republic, Iván Duque, and national businessmen will take the flags to represent the country … Read more

Travel to a country without bowling to write his opera “prima” – La Crónica del Quindío

Author: Olivier Gomez He bears the brunt of being compared to his cousin, six-time world champion Clara Juliana Guerrero. However, he faces the responsibility with great professionalism. South American champion Miguel Ángel Londoño spoke about what caught his attention the most during his first international outing. Clara’s cousin Juliana Guerrero is writing her own story. … Read more

Accident Freddy Rincón, the Colombian who made the buzz during the Italy 90 World Cup and his closest link with Peru | Roberto Chorri Palacios | Colombian national team | RMMD DTCC | SPORT-TOTAL

Until Italy 90, say Colombia it was to say Willington Ortiz. He was all human and divine in Colombian football. But then a generation was born which, although born in this country, became continental: Valderrama, Iguarán, Álvarez, Asprilla, Rincón. The big corner. the colombian icon Freddy Rincon worries world football after suffering a serious accident … Read more

Colombia inaugurated its pavilion at Expo Dubai | Companies | Business

Until March 31, 2022, Colombia will have a pavilion at Expo Dubai, where it can promote exports, foreign direct investment and tourism, with the aim of reactivating the country’s economy.. About 8,000 daily visitors are expected for a total of 1.5 million, during the 182 days of the event. (Colombia’s goals to shine at Expo … Read more

Bring forward Colombia’s day at Expo Dubai | Tendencies

President Iván Duque and his government delegation are in Dubai for meetings to promote the country’s non-mining exports and encouraging foreign direct investment and international tourism, within the framework of the Colombian National Day, at Expo Dubai. (Colombia’s goals to shine at Expo Dubai). In the next few days, the Colombia Macro-Round will start in … Read more

Tips for traveling at Easter and not being afraid of the coronavirus – Health

Covid-19 contagion indicators continue to decline in Colombia. The director of Epidemiology and Demography of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, Claudia Cuéllar, reiterated that covid-19 positivity in the country continues to decline and stands at 1.9%. Furthermore, he pointed out that the country is recording an average of six deaths per day, which … Read more

The Incredible Journey of Colombian Film ‘The Red Tree’

In a road movie, also called a road movie, the plot travels between roads and with characters who reveal what unites them or separates them. It can be a lonely journey with a path armed with reflections. Give way to the experiences of a group of people who build intrigue and sow complicated or tender … Read more

The Colombian pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020: a fusion of geography, city and culture

The Colombian pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020: a fusion of geography, city and culture Courtesy of Pacheco Architecture Studio Share Share Facebook Twitter pinterest WhatsApp E-mail IS Clipboard “COPY” To copy The Colombian pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020 is considered an artifact capable of telling the past, present and future stories of the country’s … Read more

Colombian Egan Bernal wins his first Giro d’Italia | Sports | D.W.

Colombian cyclist Egan Bernal (24) conquered this Sunday (30.05.2021) the Giro d’Italia, in his first participation in the pink race, two years after making history by being the first cyclist in his country to win the Tour de France. Bernal confirmed his dominance at the end of the last time trial in Milan, in which … Read more