Balearic Islands overtake Greece in German tourist bookings in March

On March 14, Germany removed the Balearic Islands from the list of risk areas for COVID-19. This lifting of the travel warning caused the islands to advance in Greece in tourism package bookings by German tourists in March, according to Amadeus data that Turespaña collects in its outlook report for the second quarter. Remember that … Read more

Defy travel warnings this Christmas or not? What is the challenge of the omicron variant?

MIAMI/USA UNITED STATES – María Luisa Castro travels from Miami, Florida to Peru, her native country, to spend the Christmas holidays with her family. As she waits in line to check her bag and certify that she meets all travel requirements, she admits she is spooked by the appearance of the new omicron variant. “I’m … Read more

Dubai wants to celebrate an Oktoberfest of unprecedented length and scale | Germany today | D.W.

Alongside the World Expo next fall, a local edition of Oktoberfest promises to cause a stir in Dubai. As in the traditional Munich model, the organizers want to set up beer shops, transport companies and stalls, including German hits and folk music. It is expected that 620 companies will participate in an area of ​​400,000 … Read more

Greece reopens to tourism amid relief and fear from local traders

Giorgos Kapetanos lives on the small Greek island of Gavdos, very close to Crete, where he runs a beautiful restaurant. Giorgios had a relatively calm winter, fishing for squid and enjoying the location and the weather. But as of May 14, Greece opens its doors to tourists, and Giorgos and his family must prepare to … Read more

Information on the omicron variant for travelers

United States Travel Restrictions To prevent the spread of omicron, the United States (like other countries) has banned arrivals from South Africa and seven other African countries, including Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. The US State Department has raised these countries to the 4th alert level (“do not travel”) for Americans planning to travel to this … Read more

Departure from Alitalia and arrival from ITA: tension between past and future

There is great tension between Alitalia and ITA (Italia Trasporto Aereo), the new airline that will displace the iconic but deficient Italian airline on October 15, a change date set by the Italian government in cooperation with the European Commission which oversees the process to ensure that everything is done in accordance with European Union … Read more

Coronavirus sparks search for sustainable travel | Fortune

Having the opportunity to travel has become a privilege after the pandemic and tourists have started to appreciate it more than ever. Already in June, travel bookings at eco-sustainable hotels skyrocketed 237%according to data from the portal specializing in thematic getaways, which places Spain among the destinations where this type of tourism consolidates above … Read more

US Blocks European Travelers: Disappointment Instead of Vacation | coronavirus | D.W.

“America is back!” proclaims the Biden administration at every moment, reassuring the European allies on the revival of transatlantic ties. Now American tourists are also back, after the European Commission advised lifting restrictions on travelers from the United States. The question that many European citizens are asking is: when will the European Union be able … Read more

Alitalia operates its last flight, after 75 years and billions in losses

The iconic former Italian flag carrier Alitalia will operate its last flight this Thursday evening, after a few glorious years and billions of euros in losses over the past 20. The next day, this Friday, The new Italian airline will take off, ITA (Italian air transport). The struggling company will make its last trip from … Read more

UK Market: Which Destination Triggers 87% Travel Intent?

The government of the United Kingdom eliminated this Friday, March 18 the latest COVID-19 related restrictions and requirements that were still in effect affecting international travel. The gradual lifting of restrictions has boosted British traveler confidence: 57% have already booked overseas holidays for the next 12 months, compared to 44% who had done so in … Read more