Vaccine tourism: a double-edged sword

Vaccine tourism is a “double-edged sword”, warn analysts at GlobalData. it’s true that it can help restart of tourism in some destinations, but it also raises the question of vaccine equity not only within these countries, but also in relation to each other. This type of tourism The gap between those who have money and … Read more

The trip to Cuba – El Financiero

Amid a crisis that involves corruption in his inner circle, the heavy fire his government is facing from various sectors of the Biden administration and the melee with the European Parliament, López Obrador announces a trip to Cuba . To dress up, the trip includes other countries. But the center of his attention is the … Read more

Fear of Cubans stranded in Greece

The UN General Assembly suspended Russia from the Human Rights Council after a vote on Thursday in which 93 countries backed the resolution, 58 abstained and 24 leaned against the expulsion, including Cuba. However, the Cuban population has said yes to the measure, agreed three interviewees by Radio Television Martí. “The parallelism established between the … Read more