Interview with Ufuk Senturk of JESDER on geothermal energy in Turkey | Think Geothermal

Ufukentürk, Chairman of the Board of JESDER In an interview, Chairman of the Board of JESDER, Ufuk Senturk, said that investments in geothermal energy can only be made with incentives. Milliyet Energy magazine has turned its way towards clean energy opportunities in line with the energy problems faced in the world and in our country. … Read more

Interview with the Pulgar brothers, from Spain to the United States

Javier Thumb closes his fist on the Rafa Nadal Court after the victory of his pupil, Brandon Nakashimain the first round of Count of Godó Trophy. As his player heads for the locker room, he heads for the Jan Kodes Court, where he still has a game to win. He meets there Jaime Thumbhis twin … Read more