La Jornada – Mikis Theodorakis, soul of Greece, has passed away

Mexico. Greeks ‘have just died of a deity’, said the British news channel BBC when reporting yesterday on the death, at the age of 96, of composer Mikis Theodorakis, which occurred in a hospital in Istanbul. Athens due to long-standing heart problems. Although he is popular in various corners of the world for making countless … Read more

Traveling Through Boston’s Most Cultural | The traveler

Take a walk in Boston’s Common Park one day in 1860 with two men discussing verse. Well, actually, it’s one of them, middle-aged and exquisitely mannered, with a singsong voice; the other is a brash and determined young man. The first, Ralph Waldo Emerson, defends the position that his companion, Walt Whitman, who had sent … Read more

Holy Week in the city of Cadiz, color, music and passion

Between the ten days that pass between the Friday of Sorrows and Easter Sunday, a total of 29 brotherhoods and a Section of Penance roam the streets of Cadiz. In total there are 52 marches and more than 10,000 people in processions. Both the images and the stages of their processing are authentic heritage gems, … Read more