If you are not going to travel, here are the plans for this Good Friday in Bogotá

Currently, in Bogotá, the Ibero-American Theater Festival is held with works such as Develaciones, which is a work of the Truth Commission. / Reference image. Although this Friday the bike path has not been made in Bogotá, the city offers different free spaces so that all the inhabitants of the capital who are not going … Read more

Package travel fraud increases by 200% in Jalisco

Fraud in the purchase of tourist packages in Jalisco has increased by up to 200% over the past three years, informed the president of the Mexican Association of Western Travel Agencies (AMAV), Juan Felipe Lozano Rodríguez. “I believe that, without fear of being wrong, the number of frauds has increased by more than 200%and since … Read more

The two Spanish islands that can change the world for ‘The New York Times’

Every year New York Times publishes a list of the best destinations to visit around the world. Appearing in this ranking has a particular value due to the prestige that gives you the fact of being chosen by this American newspaper, but this year being included in it is even more relevant, because to prepare … Read more

Preventive measures before going on a trip

For a large part of the Dominican population, Holy Week is a time of rest and mental emptiness. Moreover, it is one of the most significant times to go out and visit the different provinces and beaches of the country. There’s nothing like going to the beach with family or friends and spending the whole … Read more

Accelerating, braking, waiting… how much time does a driver lose in a traffic jam?

In Bogotá, 57,029 passenger vehicle sales were recorded in 2021. Photo: Alexei Morozov Accelerate, brake, breathe and wait. Accelerate, brake, take a deep breath and wait. Accelerate, brake… A traffic jam is the greatest challenge to the patience of a driver and a passenger, the best school to sharpen the nerves, when dozens of cyclists … Read more

7 gadgets you should keep unplugged

the light saving It becomes relevant due to inflation and rising natural gas and energy prices, for which you will see a significant increase in your utility bills this year. Find out how to reduce your electricity bill It can be as simple as researching which equipment is costing you the most in terms of … Read more

Electra Peluffo presents “In the Sahara”, the personal chronicle of the journey of a toilet team from Dénia

INTERVIEW. In 11 months, Electra Peluffo has published two books: in June 2021 “A mi amigo Dénia” was released and last Wednesday she presented “En el Sahara” in an event that took place at the House of Culture of Dénia in which the writer was accompanied by almost a hundred readers and friends. Born in … Read more

Inexhaustible Greece – Diario de Noticias de Navarra

We discover the more alternative side of Athens and three charming Greek islands and we will also discover unique monasteries that touch the sky. “A few days ago I thought I would like to know this country with so much history,” says Itsaso Daz de Garayo grecia is a destination you want. For all time. … Read more

Ten Bad Airline Practices That Can Ruin Your Trip

MRI | DTM Some of the rights we acquire with the purchase of our tickets are clearer than others and we must demand them firmly in the event of a setback. Cancellations, delays, lost luggage, etc. are not unusual and affect our travel and our pocket. These are according to Rklamatu, a team of expert … Read more