Travel to the United Kingdom: with a passport and two vaccinations or quarantine

As part of the new UK border operation, following Brexit, from this Friday 1 October, all citizens of the European Union wishing to travel to the United Kingdom must have a valid passport. validity, since the DNI will no longer be a valid document to enter the country. This is not the only thing to … Read more

Pets: How do I travel with pets that need a passport? – Animals – Life

Pets are very important beings in the family nucleus of many Colombian homes. Their company is so essential that many, when planning their trips, include their dog or cat to accompany them on the journey to national or international destinations. (You can read: Why is the gaze of dogs irresistible? Science has deciphered it) According … Read more

When can you travel to the United States?

Currently traveling to the United States from European countries They are not allowed in the wake of COVID-19. However, it is possible that the advancement of vaccination campaigns will help speed up movement reactivation. United States health authorities have imposed a series of travel restrictions on its territory during the pandemic. Some of these restrictions … Read more