Travel to a country without bowling to write his opera “prima” – La Crónica del Quindío

Author: Olivier Gomez He bears the brunt of being compared to his cousin, six-time world champion Clara Juliana Guerrero. However, he faces the responsibility with great professionalism. South American champion Miguel Ángel Londoño spoke about what caught his attention the most during his first international outing. Clara’s cousin Juliana Guerrero is writing her own story. … Read more

Electra Peluffo presents “In the Sahara”, the personal chronicle of the journey of a toilet team from Dénia

INTERVIEW. In 11 months, Electra Peluffo has published two books: in June 2021 “A mi amigo Dénia” was released and last Wednesday she presented “En el Sahara” in an event that took place at the House of Culture of Dénia in which the writer was accompanied by almost a hundred readers and friends. Born in … Read more

Cryptocurrency exchange Bybit receives approval in principle to conduct virtual asset business in the United Arab Emirates and move global headquarters to Dubai

Cryptocurrency exchange Bybit has received approval in principle to conduct a full range of virtual asset business in Dubai, the company announced today at a joint press conference with the Ministry of Finance. ‘Economy of the United Arab Emirates during the World Government Summit 2022. Bybit also announced its intention to establish its global headquarters … Read more

Everything you need to know to encourage you to travel alone: ​​advantages, tips and destinations

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