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The cobblestone in cycling is one of the recurring and most controversial topics in cycling debates. With him, there is no middle ground. Either you love or you hate. Four Aragonese cycling enthusiasts decided last weekend to discover their own impression. And apparently they are of the first group, because several of them they had … Read more

VATICAN Pope’s trip to Budapest and Slovakia begins tomorrow

It will be a visit to cities that “have suffered a regime of repression of faith and religious freedom”. A journey of a spiritual nature in countries with policies far removed from the ideas of Francis, particularly in terms of hospitality. In the Hungarian capital, the closing of the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress, whose theme … Read more

“Everything is more expensive and you have to plan the trip in advance”

In the Delicias train station in Zaragoza There is a constant movement of travelers with suitcases this Holy Wednesday, on the eve of the great exodus that is taking place in Holy Week each year and which has been conditioned by the two years of confinement of the coronavirus. The transfer reveals that once mobility … Read more

Easter 2022: travel packages for last-minute tourists – Travel – Life

For people who haven’t decided where to travel this Easter, there are still plans available that they can take advantage of. Here are a few: (You might be interested: Plans to enjoy Bogotá this Holy Week). San Pedro Tourist attractions–Huila, a paradise to discover. From April 15 to 17, 2 nights and 3 days. Guaranteed … Read more

Coronavirus sparks search for sustainable travel | Fortune

Having the opportunity to travel has become a privilege after the pandemic and tourists have started to appreciate it more than ever. Already in June, travel bookings at eco-sustainable hotels skyrocketed 237%according to data from the portal specializing in thematic getaways Weekendesk.es, which places Spain among the destinations where this type of tourism consolidates above … Read more

Traveling from Chihuahua to Mazatlán by car? How long do you take and what is the route – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

it happens Holy Week and the hot weather; At this time, hundreds of people seek to get away from routine and choose to go to beach because some will have days off. For the majority Chihuahuaswhen they think of the beach, they think of MazatlanWell it’s youone of the closest beaches in the state. Mazatlan … Read more

Argentinian family wraps up 22-year trip around the world | PICTURES

The Zap Family takes a trip to the five continents for 22 years, where he traveled 362,000 kilometers and became convinced that “humanity is wonderful”. The adventure culminated in Argentina and was accompanied by a car from the year 1928. The city of Gualeguaychú, on the border of Argentina and Uruguay, is one of the … Read more

Traveling Through Boston’s Most Cultural | The traveler

Take a walk in Boston’s Common Park one day in 1860 with two men discussing verse. Well, actually, it’s one of them, middle-aged and exquisitely mannered, with a singsong voice; the other is a brash and determined young man. The first, Ralph Waldo Emerson, defends the position that his companion, Walt Whitman, who had sent … Read more