Ukraine defies new ultimatum in Mariupol; Russia would have taken the Kreminna

In the strategic port of Mariupol, Ukrainian forces resist inside a huge steelworks where they once again reject the new ultimatum given by Moscow to surrender and lay down their arms on April 19 at noon local time. Meanwhile, the governor of the Lugansk region assured that the city of Kreminna was taken by Russian … Read more

Russia launches offensive in Donbass and also punishes western Ukraine

The Russian army has already launched the long-awaited final offensive in Donbass three weeks after withdrawing from northern kyiv, while the punitive operation continued yesterday against other parts of Ukraine, such as Lviv, where at least seven civilians were killed. In addition, Russian troops hoisted the tricolor flag on the building of the town hall … Read more

Draghi takes advantage of Sánchez’s clumsiness and makes Italy the main European gas warehouse – Daniel Rodríguez Asensio

Few positive things can come out of a war. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is no exception, although it does leave Spain with an enviable geopolitical opportunity, insofar as it could become one of the largest natural gas deposits on the Old Continent. It is true that our country does not have the capacity to … Read more

Russia returns to kyiv and attacks a missile factory | The Kremlin also bombed the Donbass region

the The Russian army bombed towns in eastern Ukraine. Kyiv authorities have also indicated that Moscow troops again attacked near the capital where the missiles used by Ukraine to attack the Russian flagship are manufactured. As, the Kremlin expelled 15 European diplomats and the UN reported that more than 5 million people have fled Ukraine … Read more

Italy give another sign of strength and are first in the round of 16

The ‘Azzurra’ were far superior and beat Switzerland 3-0 to add their second victory in as many games in the current edition of the European Championship. Those led by Roberto Mancini secured their place among the tournament’s top 16 teams. In addition, Wales and Russia have won and remain in the race for qualification. If … Read more

Genocide in Ukraine? The United States and the United Kingdom say so, France and Italy do not think so.

United States President Joe Biden (left) and President of France Emmanuel Macron in a photo from the year 2021. The United States’ first and oldest ally, France, differs on Biden’s description of the genocide of Russia’s war actions in Ukraine. EFE. The government of Ukraine accuses his partner of Russia to commit genocide against Ukrainian … Read more

Vaccine tourism: a double-edged sword

Vaccine tourism is a “double-edged sword”, warn analysts at GlobalData. it’s true that it can help restart of tourism in some destinations, but it also raises the question of vaccine equity not only within these countries, but also in relation to each other. This type of tourism The gap between those who have money and … Read more

ITALY Citizenship, opportunities and freedom: Ekrem İmamoğlu’s view of Istanbul (and Turkey)

AsiaNews met the mayor of Istanbul, the economic and commercial capital of Turkey. The meeting was held on the sidelines of the “Mediterranean, frontier of peace” event. For the governor, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a “shame” and he hopes that a “solution” can be found through “dialogue”. young people and the weakest strata … Read more

Turkey closes its strait to passing foreign warships

The Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits, two of the busiest and most famous passages in the world, could continue to be transited by unarmed ships Although the measure affects all countries, it is specifically designed to limit Russia’s access to the Black Sea After days of “reflection” following the request of Ukraine, Turkey responded this Tuesday … Read more

Russia and Ukraine advance their negotiations but avoid talking about Crimea and Donbass

Negotiations between the delegations of Russia and Ucrania will meet on March 29 in Estambul in which it ended, a priori, and more significant advances in the conversations from the start of the rounds of encounters on the border between Ucrania and Belarus in the finals February. However, during the meeting between the parties, no … Read more