Spain remains among the preferences of the main emitters

Spain maintains a strong image as a destination for travelers from Germany, with high consideration rates, both when considering holidays and when booking, approaching those recorded before the COVID-19 pandemic . Likewise, our country continues to establish itself as the preferred enclave of the British market, with indices of consideration, travel intention and security above … Read more

UK Market: Which Destination Triggers 87% Travel Intent?

The government of the United Kingdom eliminated this Friday, March 18 the latest COVID-19 related restrictions and requirements that were still in effect affecting international travel. The gradual lifting of restrictions has boosted British traveler confidence: 57% have already booked overseas holidays for the next 12 months, compared to 44% who had done so in … Read more

German agencies: war tarnishes good prospects for 2022

After two years of the pandemic, German tourists have made it clear that they want to travel in 2022. The outlook for this season was therefore optimistic: bookings increased in February and even exceeded pre-pandemic levels for a few weeks, Spain leading the demand. But these good forecasts remained in abeyance after the invasion of … Read more