Matemurga, the long journey of a community theater group | He is on tour, shortly after having 20 years of experience

the community theater group Matemurga (currently made up of more than 80 residents of all ages) was the protagonist of a special event: the Villa Crespo ensemble led by the playwright, singer and musician Edith Scherbecame the second Argentine cast of these characteristics to arrive in Europe (especially in Portugal) to carry out workshops and … Read more

Electra Peluffo presents “In the Sahara”, the personal chronicle of the journey of a toilet team from Dénia

INTERVIEW. In 11 months, Electra Peluffo has published two books: in June 2021 “A mi amigo Dénia” was released and last Wednesday she presented “En el Sahara” in an event that took place at the House of Culture of Dénia in which the writer was accompanied by almost a hundred readers and friends. Born in … Read more

Traveling Through Boston’s Most Cultural | The traveler

Take a walk in Boston’s Common Park one day in 1860 with two men discussing verse. Well, actually, it’s one of them, middle-aged and exquisitely mannered, with a singsong voice; the other is a brash and determined young man. The first, Ralph Waldo Emerson, defends the position that his companion, Walt Whitman, who had sent … Read more