Sifnos, Greece’s best kept secret | The traveler

Can you imagine an island where a Hollywood star, say Tom Hanks, and a Podemos leader, say Íñigo Errejón, can enjoy the same beach in harmony without anyone being surprised? A paradise without ideologies or paparazzi? Stop imagining; this island exists and is called Sifnos. So much time vying for the perfect postcard of a … Read more

Rescue two men trapped in a burning ferry in Greece

Two boats with water cannons work on the extinguishing tasks which prove difficult as explosions are constantly heard Eleven people are missing and two are still stranded after the fire that occurred early Friday on a ferry which sailed from the Greek port of Igumenitsa to the Italian port of Brindisi. So far, three people … Read more

Traveling Through Boston’s Most Cultural | The traveler

Take a walk in Boston’s Common Park one day in 1860 with two men discussing verse. Well, actually, it’s one of them, middle-aged and exquisitely mannered, with a singsong voice; the other is a brash and determined young man. The first, Ralph Waldo Emerson, defends the position that his companion, Walt Whitman, who had sent … Read more