Tourism: the reasons for the strong reactivation of travel and hospitality in Colombia – Sectors – Economy

It took more than two years between the onset of the pandemic and shutdowns, including global restrictions when the omicron variant of covid-19 emerged, for the country’s tourism, both domestic and overseas, to begin to show more robust signs of reactivation. (Read: Bets on the country’s economic growth in 2022 point to 4.7%) This week, … Read more

Travel to a country without bowling to write his opera “prima” – La Crónica del Quindío

Author: Olivier Gomez He bears the brunt of being compared to his cousin, six-time world champion Clara Juliana Guerrero. However, he faces the responsibility with great professionalism. South American champion Miguel Ángel Londoño spoke about what caught his attention the most during his first international outing. Clara’s cousin Juliana Guerrero is writing her own story. … Read more

36 beautiful places and delicious cuisine

Many destinations depend on a few beautiful beauty spots to carry their images as the focal point for vacations. When it comes to Greece, those postcard scenes of blue skies, blue seas, and whitewashed villages are everywhere. The sunny Mediterranean country has enough perfect spots for anyone who loves a vacation. Here are 36 beautiful … Read more

Easter 2022: travel packages for last-minute tourists – Travel – Life

For people who haven’t decided where to travel this Easter, there are still plans available that they can take advantage of. Here are a few: (You might be interested: Plans to enjoy Bogotá this Holy Week). San Pedro Tourist attractions–Huila, a paradise to discover. From April 15 to 17, 2 nights and 3 days. Guaranteed … Read more

flydubai promotes Azerbaijan as destination for Ramadan holiday

Baku, April 14, AZERTAC flydubai has included the capital of Azerbaijan in its Holidays by flydubai packages, offering passengers the option of spending the Ramadan holiday in Baku. Also from May, the number of flights between Dubai and Baku will increase to four per day. Jeyhun Efendi, senior vice president of business operations and e-commerce … Read more

What are the new requirements for traveling to Chile from April 14 | travel | tourism | nnda-nnlt | PERU

What do I need to enter Chile as a tourist? More than two years after the start of the pandemic, the Chilean government has finally decided to relax the requirements for Travelers non-residents, as has already been done by the other countries in the South American region. MORE INFORMATION: Airlines expect fares to rise after … Read more

La Jornada Maya – Digital nomads and revenge trips, the tourism trend

International > Tourism Maria Briceno 21/11/2021 | Merida Yucatan Special: New rides After critical months of the global Covid-19 pandemic, when the tourism industry came to a halt, different travel trends are emerging, such as digital nomads, bubble travel, and revenge or indulgence travel. From the home office Travelers called digital nomads were born. One … Read more

Tourism, the other victim of the war in Europe

What Russia, the largest country in the world, is at war, has consequences of all kinds and in all areas, including in tourism. Globally – declining reserves, rising fuel, inflation, fear – and most importantly, in Russian tourism as an outbound and inbound market. After travel came to a screeching halt during the pandemic, Russians … Read more