Travel to the United Kingdom: with a passport and two vaccinations or quarantine

As part of the new UK border operation, following Brexit, from this Friday 1 October, all citizens of the European Union wishing to travel to the United Kingdom must have a valid passport. validity, since the DNI will no longer be a valid document to enter the country. This is not the only thing to … Read more

UNLP students rewarded in Dubai for the project of a space vehicle to explore the Moon

Representing the National University of La Plata (UNLP), a group of students from the Faculty of Engineering won awards in an international competition held in the imposing city of Dubai. The team was among three finalists, securing second place in the #T-TeC Award 2021, a competition that aims to promote technological innovation in the space … Read more

Spain, France and Greece will remain on the English traffic light’s orange list

The new revision of the English traffic light is scheduled for today, Thursday. No changes are expected regarding the situation in amber for Spain and other destinations like France and Greece, although some Mediterranean destinations, like Turkeyare confident of leaving the Red List for the first time all summer. As we published in Spain’s drop … Read more