VATICAN The Pope receives Aoun: possible prelude to a trip to Lebanon

This visit sends a positive signal to the international community. And an indirect confirmation that everything is going normally for the political elections of May 15. Current issues in the land of cedars and in the region will be discussed, from the Iranian question to the war in Ukraine. Beirut (AsiaNews) – During his official … Read more

VATICAN Pope’s trip to Budapest and Slovakia begins tomorrow

It will be a visit to cities that “have suffered a regime of repression of faith and religious freedom”. A journey of a spiritual nature in countries with policies far removed from the ideas of Francis, particularly in terms of hospitality. In the Hungarian capital, the closing of the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress, whose theme … Read more

the border between Christianity and Islam

The Greek scene is a tribute to the osmosis between Greek and Christian thought. Another visit to Lesbos for a meeting with the refugees stranded on the island. Cyprus as an example in the past of coexistence between Christians, Muslims and Jews. The difficulties of Cypriots after the Turkish invasion of 1974. Athens (AsiaNews) – … Read more